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No, the Rockefeller Christmas tree was not on fire despite Twitter confusion

Amber Peake December 8, 2021
No, the Rockefeller Christmas tree was not on fire despite Twitter confusion


It has been reported a large Christmas tree situated in front of Fox News’s midtown Manhattan headquarters was on fire early Wednesday morning.

Following the news, some users on Twitter seem to have linked the reports to the well known Christmas landmark that is the Rockefeller Christmas tree. We explore what happened and why some fans seem to be confusing the two Christmas trees.

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Was the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree on fire?

No, the Rockefeller Christmas tree was not on fire and is safe, with fans continuing to post snaps of the tree in all its glory on social media today (Wednesday 8 December).

Earlier today, it was reported that a large Christmas tree in midtown Manhattan was ablaze. The tree in question was the now known Fox News Christmas tree, which is located in Fox Square outside its Midtown headquarters.

The Fox News Christmas tree is said to have caught fire shortly after midnight, with a 49-year-old man having since been arrested in connection with the incident.

As reported by The New York Post, the man faces several charges, including criminal mischief, arson and trespassing.

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Fans are confusing the two Christmas trees on Twitter

Despite the reports naming the affected Christmas tree as the one outside Fox News’ headquarters, some on social media still seem to be puzzled over what tree was on fire:

The confusion over the tree may be linked to the two tree’s locations in the city. The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree is also situated in midtown Manhattan and, as per Google maps, is around a 6-minute walk away from where the Fox News Christmas tree was.

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