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Who is Robby Starbuck? 'Hedonism' comment and meaning explained

Shania Wilson May 26, 2022
"Candace" Hosted By Candace Owens
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Robby Starbuck’s comments about the deadly school shooting that occurred in Uvalde, Texas, on 24 May has pushed the Republican candidate into the public eye.

Penning a lengthy tweet, Starbuck alleged that “hedonism is pushed on kids” and “evil is sold as good”, pointing fingers at culture, rather than gun laws.

Over on Twitter, many have claimed that the candidate has misused the word ‘hedonism’, and have taken to the social media site to challenge his opinion.

In light of Starbuck’s comments, The Focus gets to know the potential politician.

  • UPDATE: Kendall, the only Uvalde TX shooting survivor, expected to make full recovery
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Who is Robby Starbuck?

Robby Starbuck is currently running to represent Tennessee’s 5th District in Congress. He is running as a Republican candidate.

Before making his way into politics, Starbuck worked as a film director and producer. Although he is currently in the running to represent Tennessee’s 5th District in Congress, Starbuck has been a consistent voice in media. He has often appeared on the Candace Owens show and Tucker Carlson’s.

Starbuck’s family is from Cuba. They fled to the United States after the Cuban Revolution.

Robby Starbuck speaks on ‘hedonism’ as cause of violence

On 25 May 2022, Robby Starbuck commented on the deadly shooting that occurred in Uvalde, Texas, a day prior.

In a lengthy Twitter post, Starbuck blamed culture as the root cause of shootings, as opposed to gun laws.

“Our culture has a disease. Everywhere you turn hedonism is pushed on kids, evil is sold as good, God is shunned, parents & faith are undermined, morality is laughed at and yet folks wonder why such horror happens on a regular basis. Guns 50 years ago didn’t change, our culture did,” Robby Starbuck tweeted.

After these comments, Starbuck received a barrage of criticism.

He followed this tweet with another to explain his comments, alongside a TikTok video.

“When I say our culture is the problem at the root of the evil we see playing out every single day, this is one element of what I’m talking about,” Starbuck continued.

“This is pure evil and yet one of the major parties in America accepts this as normal.”.

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What does ‘hedonism’ mean?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term hedonism, Collins Dictionary defines the theory as “the belief that gaining pleasure is the most important thing in life.”

The concept runs much deeper, however, and is derived from the ancient Greek word for ‘pleasure’. 

“Ethical or evaluative hedonism claims that only pleasure has worth or value and only pain or displeasure has disvalue or the opposite of worth,” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy explains.

Twitter users point out the misuse of ‘hedonism’

Following Robby Starbuck’s comments surrounding the Uvalde attack, some Twitter users have claimed that the candidate is missing the word ‘hedonism’.

“How are you bringing hedonism into this?” one person asked.

“Ummm I’m not sure if you’re serious…” another tweeted.

“This is not a good take,” somebody else added.

Others have simply challenged Starbuck’s views, tweeting: “Define “culture” and list real world solutions. What specifically would you do to “fix it?” What comprehensive and realistic plan do you have?”

As The Crow Flies | Official Trailer | Netflix

As The Crow Flies | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Focus sends its thoughts and prayers to the families affected by the Uvalde shooting.

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