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Internet reacts to Walmart Pride ice cream: ‘It kind of tastes like vanilla’

Bruno Cooke May 23, 2022
pride ice cream walmart


The latest addition to Walmart’s Great Value range of ice cream is Pride, Celebration Edition – so what flavour is it, and how have netizens responded?

How have people reacted to Walmart 2022 Pride ice cream?

We’ve reported elsewhere about the reaction received by Walmart’s Juneteenth ice cream. Spoilers: not everyone is happy with it.

And, while the internet’s reaction to Walmart’s Pride ice cream flavour (and marketing) is slightly more muted, numerous people have taken to Twitter to air their thoughts on the 2022 Celebration Edition tubs.

Maryland state delegate Stephanie Smith laments that Walmart “didn’t stop at a Juneteenth flavour”.

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“Leave the commemorative ice cream flavours to Ben & Jerry’s,” she writes. “There would at least be some type of call to action and a focus-grouped flavour.”

She also took issue with the graphic design. The Pride ice cream comes in a rainbow-coloured tub with cartoon hands making peace signs and holding Pride flags.

“The jokes write themselves,” writes Darius Jones, from Texas.

Eyes roll at Pride products

The fact Walmart has put out a Pride-themed ice cream flavour in the first place has also prompted criticism.

“Oh boy, is it rainbow capitalism season already?” writes one user in the r/walmart subreddit. The platform discovered the Pride ice cream flavour three days ago; a post on it has since garnered more than 200 comments.

“Not gonna lie,” says another, offering an opposing point of view. “Any kind of representation is great honestly. Even if it’s a small amount, representation is still good. Take the small victories and enjoy the big wins.”

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Waving rainbow flags

Meanwhile, others simply don’t fancy the flavour. 

“If it was rainbow sherbet I would,” writes one user, “but I’m gonna pass on this one.”

Walmart has yet to officially address some of the criticism of its Juneteenth and Pride flavour ice cream. The Focus has reached out to the company for comment.

What flavour is Walmart Pride ice cream?

Printed on the front of the tub are the main flavourful ingredients of Walmart’s Great Value Celebration Edition Pride ice cream.

It reads: “White chocolate-flavoured ice cream with brownies and cherries.” 

One Twitter user, who had never tried white chocolate flavour ice cream before, said “weirdly enough”, Walmart’s Pride offering “kind of tastes like vanilla”.

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The inclusion of brownies and cherries is one of the things irreverent netizens have found amusing about the Celebration Edition product.

When will it be available in stores?

Walmart Pride ice cream is not currently available to buy via the website – it does not appear alongside other Great Value products in the Frozen Foods section.

However, as the above tweet demonstrates, it is currently available to buy in stores, although it may still be unavailable in some.

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Pride month doesn’t start until 1 June 2022 (and runs until 30 June), so don’t be alarmed if your local Walmart isn’t yet stocking Pride ice cream.

But several social media users have posted pictures of their tubs after apparently buying the product. 

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