People are only realising ducks strut their stuff on annual fashion show catwalk

Ashley Bautista April 14, 2022
People are only realising ducks strut their stuff on annual fashion show catwalk
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One of Australia’s most viral annual events is not the Australian Open or the Riverfire, it’s the Pied Piper Duck Show where ducks strut their stuff down the runway.

Each year, ducks dressed up to the nines are seen attending the fashion event – and people are loving it.

If you adore old fashion, animals, and Australia, this event is perfect for you. It’s definitely worth taking a look at the unique event that usually takes place every Easter.

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What is the Pied Piper Duck Show in Australia?

Yes, you’ve read it right, it is real. Not in Paris, London, Milan, or New York – but in Sydney.

Australia has many surprises and is unique in many things. One of them is for its annual Duck fashion event.

According to My Modern Met, this annual fashion show with none other than ducks dressed in adorable costumes has been going on for over 30 years.

The Annual Duck Fashion Show was organised by Australian farmer Brian Harrington. Even though Brian passed away in 2015, the show is still running.

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Welcoming Easter in a duck-stinctive costume

The annual event is celebrated during Sydney’s Royal Easter Show. It attracts approximately 900,000 visitors every year. However, the previous two events were cancelled due to the pandemic.

It consists of each duck receiving three outfits; one for the daytime, another one for the evening, and the last one for a wedding theme.

Instead of wearing Yeezy t-shirts and Dior micro bags, the ducks are dressed as if they were from the 18th or 19th century.

An Edwardian inspiration: elegancy, sophistication, and beautifully pleated looks that make these ducks look so adorable.

During the Easter Show, visitors will gather in crows laughing, gushing, and cheering on the best duck outfits.

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The internet reacts to the imPECKable masterpiece

New fans have emerged after a video from a popular polish YouTuber Karolina Zebrowska who reviewed the Sydney’s duck show.

Accumulating 83k views in 24 hours, hundreds of comments have been left from fans shocked that such a show exists. If you still think that it is not real, her Australian followers have confirmed it.

“Can anyone from Australia confirm if this is real? I’m losing my mind. This is too good,” a viewer commented.

It was too good to be true for this viewer, who wrote: “The duck Easter fashion show/parade/race/critical review that we didn’t even know we needed.”

“Unreal. Ducks in a period fashion… My life is complete!” wrote another one.

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