Peter Scott-Morgan and husband Francis made history with their marriage

Eve Edwards June 15, 2022
Peter Scott-Morgan and husband Francis made history with their marriage


The family of Dr Peter Scott-Morgan has confirmed the passing of the British scientist at the age of 64.

A statement was published on Scott-Morgan’s Twitter account on 15 June 2022. “With a broken heart, I’m letting you all know Peter passed peacefully surrounded by his family and those closest to him. He was incredibly proud of all of you who supported him and his vision of changing the way people see disability,” the statement reads.

Fans and friends have paid tribute to the late scientist, known as the world’s first ‘cyborg’, offering their support to his husband Francis and Peter Scott-Morgan’s family.

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Who is Peter Scott-Morgan’s husband?

Late scientist Dr Peter Scott-Morgan was married to Francis Scott-Morgan. The pair hade been a couple since 1979, when Peter was in his early 20s. As explained on Peter’s website, they joined their surnames in 1991 after more than a decade as a couple.

While Francis’ current career is unknown, Vimbuzz reported he was working as an assistant manager at a small hotel while Peter Scott-Morgan was an undergraduate at Imperial.

Peter and Francis lived together in Devon, England. Their relationship featured heavily in Channel 4 documentary Peter: The Human Cyborg.

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Francis and Peter’s wedding makes history

Peter Scott-Morgan has always been one to make history, even in his love life. On 21 December 2005, the first day it was possible for same-sex couples to enter civil partnerships in the UK, Peter and Francis made it official. At the time, the BBC reported on Peter and Francis Scott-Morgan’s union in December 2005 marking them as one of the first same-sex couples in the UK to attain the same legal rights as married couples.

To mark the grand occasion, the couple celebrated their union in the grand ballroom of the Versailles-inspired Oldway Mansion in Paignton, Devon. There were hundreds in attendance and more than four generations of family members present.

About nine years later, Peter and Francis were selected as the first same-sex couple in Devon to have their civil partnership converted to a marriage. They have been legally married since 2014.

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Tributes to ‘pioneer’ Dr Peter Scott-Morgan flood the internet

As news of Dr Peter Scott-Morgan’s passing was confirmed, many paid tribute to the scientist.

Scott-Morgan refused to accept his fate after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2017. He wanted to push the boundaries of what science could achieve so decided to extend his life to become “fully robotic”, Metro reports.

The roboticist later claimed he had fully completed his transition into the world’s first full cyborg – Peter 2.0.

Scott-Morgan underwent a series of complex operations and developed an avatar of his face. Eye-tracking technology allowed him to control multiple computers, while a final procedure saw him given a robotic voice.

A friend of Scott-Morgan’s tweeted in condolence: “His enthusiasm and zest for life was so awe-inspiring. He truly taught the world you could thrive with MND. My love to Francis and the whole family from a true admirer.”

One of Scott-Morgan’s publishers, who worked with him on the novel Peter 2.0, tweeted: “We were honoured to work with Peter on his memoir, Peter 2.0, he was a truly gifted writer and scientific pioneer.”

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