Animal shelter founder Pen Farthing has made headlines this week as many followed him as he evacuates Afghanistan with 200 rescue animals. Now some are curious to know more about Pen Farthing, including his age and charity.

Who is Pen Farthing?

Paul “Pen” Farthing, is best known as the founder of Nowzad, an animal shelter based in Afghanistan. He is also a former royal marine sergeant who in 2014, was awarded the CNN hero of the year award for his work with Nowzad.

Elsewhere Farthing is a published author and has three books based on his experiences rescuing dogs in Afghanistan. He released his first book, One Dog at a Time: Saving the Strays of Helmand – An Inspiring True Story in 2009.

The following year published his second book No Place Like Home: A New Beginning with the Dogs of Afghanistan and in 2014 released Wylie: The Brave Street Dog Who Never Gave Up.

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Watch Dogs: Legion | Title Update 5.5

What is Nowzad?

Nowzad is an animal shelter that was set up in 2007 after Pen Farthing, an ex-royal marine, rescued a dog in the small town of Nauzad in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan he was based, which is nicknamed ‘Now Zad’.

At the time, Farthing is said to have broken up an organised dog fight in the area and later went on to befriend one of the dogs. He named the dog Nowzad after the town it was found, which later also became the name for the charity.

The shelter has since cared for more than 1,600 rescued animals which have been reunited with servicemen and women with who they bonded during their deployment.

Nowzad also runs its own donkey sanctuary, the first in Afghanistan, which rescues overworked donkeys on the streets of Kabul.

How old is Pen Farthing?

The Nowzad founder is currently 52 years old. He celebrated his 51st birthday in May last year.

At the time, he challenged himself to complete a range of tasks, including bench presses, knee raises and running up and downstairs to raise money for a washing machine after the one at the Nowzad shelter broke down.

After completing his birthday challenge, he wrote: “My 51st birthday challenge to raise money for @nowzadrescue is complete! (Seriously next year I am just chilling!) thank you to all who donated. You can still donate to support our vital work here in Kabul!”

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