OMECO meaning: Why is The Anime Man’s new watch so ‘hilarious’?

Bruno Cooke July 21, 2021


If you just watched The Anime Man’s interview with ex-Yakuza member Tyson and are curious to know the meaning of the Japanese word “omeco” – the brand of the watch he received at the end – and why it’s so “hilarious”, then you’re in the right place. 

What happened in the video?

The latest upload from Japanese-Australian YouTuber The Anime Man – Joey – is a half-hour interview with an ex-Yakuza member named Tyson. 

During the interview, Tyson answers numerous questions about Yakuza culture and practices. 

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Source: YouTube [The Anime Man]

He informs Joey that he was a member of the organised crime syndicate – known as gokudō in Japanese – for eight years. He left 12 or 13 years ago because his family had “dissolved”.

Tyson also dispels various popular myths and common misconceptions about the Yakuza. “The original spirit of Yakuza”, he says, “is to bend the strong and help the weak.”

Irezumi and guns that look like pens

They talk at length about the Yakuza practice of irezumi, which literally translates to “inserting ink”. Popular irezumi subjects are dragons and other mythical beasts, as well as flowers, tigers and lions.

However, he draws a line between irezumi and tattooing, the latter of which is for the purposes of fashion. Irezumi, he says, is the opposite: ink that one hides. It can be a sign of “resolution”, or a sign of “prestige”.

Source: YouTube [The Anime Man]

Tyson also debunks the popular image of Yakuza members habitually wielding guns and knives. Some do, however, carry guns that look like pens. “Look it up on the internet”, he says.

“Nowadays, you just need a 3D printer and some plans to make a pistol.” This is something which, he says, the Yakuza regularly do. Guns that look like pens have been in circulation elsewhere since at least 2006lending new meaning to Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s famous phrase, “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

Why do people want to know the meaning of The Anime Man’s OMECO watch?

In the end matter to the interview, The Anime Man expresses his gratitude to, and appreciation for, Tyson, for agreeing to speak with him.

He also informs his viewers that, as a parting gift, Tyson had given him an OMECO watch. Encased in a square red bag emblazoned with the brand name OMECO, the watch is, in his words, “really freaking cool”.

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Source: YouTube [The Anime Man]

OMECO watches – not to be confused with Swiss brand Omega – are available to purchase online. On Amazon Japan, the Fukimaster watch costs just over £100, nearly $150.

What is the meaning of the Japanese word ‘omeco’?

The Anime Man says of his new watch’s brand name, “If you know Japanese, you probably realise how hilarious of a brand name that is. If you don’t know Japanese, I’m not going to explain it.”

So, what does OMECO mean in English? Those typing the name into Google verbatim won’t find much. The name is, in fact, an altered spelling of the word “omeko” which, in the Kansai dialect of Japanese, means “vagina”.

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Source: YouTube [The Anime Man]

According to online dictionary service EUDict, in regular Japanese, the meaning of the word “omeko” is “sexual intercourse”. Online Japanese dictionary Jisho corroborates this while adding a few other, more vulgar expressions to the list of possible translations.

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