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No, comedian Sam 'Samuyil' Hyde isn't Ukraine's mystery ace pilot

Shania Wilson February 25, 2022
Credit: iDubbbzTV YouTube.

Internetcomedian’ Sam Hyde never fails to make himself known during times of conflict. This time around Twitter users are linking him, as a macabre joke, to the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ mystery in Ukraine.

The ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ story has gone viral amid the growing conflict between Ukraine and Russia and revolves around a real or fictitious Ukrainian fighter pilot.

We break down everything you need to know.

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Black Crab | Official Trailer

Black Crab | Official Trailer

Who is Sam Hyde?

‘Comedian’ Sam Hyde has been a prominent figure online for more than a decade, and has quite the reputation.

A long-running concept of trolls, Twitter users often insert him in images of conflict as a macabre joke. As per Know Your Meme, Hyde has been inserted into a number of memes directed at gun violence.

The internet personality gained notoriety after uploading a satirical ‘TEDX’ talk on YouTube in 2013, and is known for sketch comedy group Million Dollar Extreme (MDE).

MDE has focused on online skits, public pranks and daring monologues.

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What is the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’ mystery?

Sam Hyde has been at the centre of a number of internet hoaxes and, this time, some Twitter users are linking the comedian to the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’.

As reported by AS, the Ghost of Kyiv is the name given to a Ukrainian fighter pilot who reportedly shot down six Russian aircraft on the first day of Russia’s invasion of western Ukraine.

However, there’s no evidence the Ghost of Kyiv actually exists. Ukraine has claimed seven Russian aircraft have been downed but has not made it clear whether the action was carried out by one person.

Fact or fiction, social media users seem to be captivated by the tale of the Ghost of Kyiv, and want to work out the identity of the Ukrainian pilot.

Twitter trolls insert Sam Hyde into Ukraine mystery

As mentioned, it’s a long-running twisted joke to insert Sam Hyde into times of conflict or crisis – now he’s been memed into the Ghost of Kyiv mystery.

One person tweeted: “Ukrainian ace fighter pilot known as the ‘Ghost of Kyiv’, real name is Samuyil Hyde, a 36-year-old who was identified as the Mig-29 pilot accredited with downing six Russian jets.”

Another wrote: “Samuyil Hyde is the real Ghost.”

Others named the comedian a “war hero”.

Of course, Sam Hyde isn’t really a pilot in Ukraine. Now get serious people.

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Footage debunked

fact-checking exercise by Reuters found the clip actually originates from video game Digital Combat Simulator (DCS), a digital battlefield game developed by Eagle Dynamics.

Eagle Dynamics spokesman Matthias Techmanski confirmed to Reuters via email that the footage circulating on social media was from DCS. “We are not responsible for its distribution, nor do we endorse such content,” he said.

HITC is not responsible for footage shown on other websites.

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