Is there a new pan flag in 2021? With Pride Month well and truly underway many people are beginning to use their own specific Pride flags to celebrate their, and their community’s, sexuality or gender expression. However, many people are confused about which pansexual flag to use. We give you all the details about the alternative pan Pride flag.

What is the original pansexual flag?

The original pansexual flag has three coloured horizontal stripes in pink, yellow and blue.

The pink represents female identifying people, the blue represents those who identify as male, and the yellow represents non-binary people.

This flag was originally designed in 2010 by Jasper V. from England, who identifies as a queer non-binary person. The design was unveiled on a Tumblr page and has since become widely used by the community.

Jasper has said that they decided to design the flag “on a whim” and that they “didn’t expect it to take off”.

Pansexuality is defined as “someone who is romantically, emotionally, or sexually attracted to people of any gender or regardless of their gender.”

Is there a new pan Pride flag 2021?

In 2020 another pansexual flag was circulating around online. This caused some controversy as it was often accompanied by misinformation about the original creator of the pansexual flag, Jasper.

There is also another ‘updated’ pansexual flag that is making its way around social media. However, it is not exactly clear why the new flag has been designed.

Some members of the pansexual community are preferring to use a new pan flag because they disagree with some of the stances of the original flag’s creator.

The flag’s original creator, Jasper, has also identified themselves as trans and as pansexual on a Twitter post.

To add to the confusion there is also a fourth flag circulating online.

These new colours are thought to represent masculine-aligned attraction, a sense of belonging, non-binary attraction, gender empowerment and feminine-aligned attraction.

So, which Pan flag to use?

Many Twitter users are confused which flag they should be using.

It appears that members of the pansexual community online are choosing to redesign the pan flag in order to represent the modern pansexual community.

However, many in the pansexual community are also choosing to stick with the original flag design. Others simply believe you should use whichever flag you identify most with.

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