Mullet Championship 2021 winner Allan Baltz's story revisited amid 2022 comp

Bruno Cooke August 19, 2022
Mullet Championship 2021 winner Allan Baltz's story revisited amid 2022 comp


Voting in the Kids Mullet Championships ends Friday (August 19, 2022), and the competition’s limelight is casting a collateral glow onto 2021 winner Allan Baltz.

The competition received nearly 112,000 votes last year, 25,178 of which went to Baltz. He narrowly defeated Ezra Cramer to the top spot.

In February this year, CBS Mornings revisited the story of the 2021 Kids Mullet Championship winner, noting with admiration his decision to donate the prize money to two foster care nonprofits.

Not only did he have the best mullet in America, but he and his hairdo also managed to make a positive difference. The mullet story is an illustrious one – sort of – and takes center stage on the Mullet Champ website.

Who is Kids Mullet Championship 2021 winner Allan Baltz?

Allan was 11 years old when he won the US Mullet championship. He’s from Jonesboro, Arkansas, and won by a margin of fewer than 1,000 votes.

Allan and his twin sister Alice spent a chunk of their early lives in foster care, which informed his decision to donate the prize money he won last October to foster care charities.

In 2015, Derek and Lesli Baltz adopted Allan and Alice. The kids were four years old at the time. Their original intention with foster parenting was to reunite kids with their biological families, Yahoo reported in January of this year

They planned on fostering Allan and Alice for two weeks. But when it became clear that reunification “wasn’t an option,” their plans changed. 

Lesli Baltz: ’They were meant to be ours’

Lesli told Southern Living Magazine that, at first, she and her husband Derek were “really terrified” that they wouldn’t be “good enough parents” to keep Allan and Alice forever, Yahoo adds.

“So, we really worked through that a lot, and it became obvious that they were meant to be ours whether we felt like we were good enough or not.”

During the quarantines and lockdowns of 2020, Lesli and Derek landed on the idea of having the entire family switch up their hairstyles. It was a way to mitigate against the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to keep everyone entertained at home.

Lesli dyed her hair red, Alice teal. Derek wore a moustache and Allan went for a mullet. “He really fell in love with it,” Yahoo quotes Lesli as saying. “He thought it was hysterical. It was hideous, and it embarrassed his sister. Everywhere he went, people were like ‘Nice hair, man.’ He thinks it’s the greatest thing, and he really owns it.”

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Marriage | Trailer – BBC

Allan Baltz always planned to give the prize money to kids in foster care

Whoever wins the US Kids Mullet Championship receives a check for $2,500 – some prize money for a pre-teen.

Allan’s mom Lesli told Denver, Colorado’s 9 News channel on October 18, 2021 that as soon as Baltz learned about the prize money, he “instantly said, ‘Oh I can do it and give the money to kids in foster care.’ He would say sometimes,” she added, “his goal was that foster care would go out of business.”

“Well,” Allan said, “I know how to be in foster care so I just thought maybe it would be sweet to do it.” When asked whether he would be keeping his mullet going forward, he replied: “Nobody’s gonna touch that.”

Watch the clip below.

Which charities did he donate the money to, and how much did he raise?

The Mullet Championship 2021 winner split his $2,500 winnings between two local foster care organizations: Together We Foster and Project Zero.

But during his mullet campaign, he was vocal about what he would do with the money if he won. As result, others felt inspired to do the same: he raised another $4,500 for the two nonprofits, purely by being an advocate for the cause.

Polls for this year’s competition close Friday (August 19, 2022). They opened at the beginning of the week. To vote, you need to register with Mullet Champ to receive a Voter ID. 

Among the 25 contestants is Emmitt “Mullet Boy” Bailey, who missed the competition deadline last year and spent the interim period fine-tuning his look. Cast your votes here.

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