Mr Mr Mr Beast meme explained: ‘Fake Beast’ Skitzy meets original to catchy tune

Danny Munro January 17, 2023
Mr Mr Mr Beast meme explained: ‘Fake Beast’ Skitzy meets original to catchy tune
Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for MrBeast Burger

The incredibly catchy Mr Mr Mr Beast meme song has taken over TikTok and Skitzy, or Fake Mr Beast, has finally met the man himself.

This week has seen TikTok be taken over by what looks to be one of the first big memes of 2023 and, of course, it involves the world’s biggest YouTuber – Mr Beast.

The catchy, yet repetitive audio, known by its fans as the Mr Mr Mr Beast song, has helped blow up the career of a budding artist – purely because of a parody video he featured in over a year ago.

And after days of virality and memes, the world’s newly appointed Mr Beast impersonator, Skitzy, was given his chance to meet the man his fans love to watch him mimic.

Here’s everything we know about the ridiculous Mr Mr Mr Beast meme song that appears to have opened up several doors for Skitzy.

Fake Mr Mr Mr Beast meme takes over TikTok

Fitzy was a normal TikTok creator until recently. Having attracted a decent amount of attention prior to the Mr Beast memes, his account features everything from homemade skits to popular dance challenge attempts.

But when user @platano_trizte_fuifui uploaded a video showing off a brand new meme he’d created on Christmas Day, things soon changed for Fitzy.


Mrbeastmeme jakdal Descansa en paz gato que toca el piano ☹️

♬ sonido original – Platano_perturbado_fuifui

Using a video that Fitzy had featured in previously in which he impersonated Mr Beast, the TikTok remixed the original clip to the tune of Attack Of The Killer Queen, a song used in the soundtrack of role-playing video game Deltarune.

By early January, the audio had blown up on TikTok and has since been used in over 50,000 videos – boosting Skitzy to over 730,000 followers in less than a month.

TikTok’s Mr Mr Mr Beast song’s virality was a coincidence

While Skitzy may be reaping the benefits of internet virality, his newfound success has come as something of a coincidence to the animator.

As previously mentioned, Skitzy did not create the Mr Beast audio himself and, until recently, had been living a rather normal life.

The clip that the footage first came from was originally uploaded on November 29, 2021, by YouTuber Freshy Kanal, and showed Skitzy playing Beast in a rap battle against singer Mike Choe who played Squid Game character Seong Gi-Hun.

Unsurprisingly, the remix of the rap battle has led to a resurgence of the clip on YouTube, with the comment section transforming into a hub of memes about Skitzy and the Mr Mr Mr Beast remix.

‘Fake Mr Beast’, aka Skitzy, responds to going viral

Of course, Skitzy was quick to jump on the trend and made sure he was in on the joke almost straight away.

“Hello this is Mr Beast from the Mr Beast channel”, announced Skitzy gleefully, before treating his fans to a quick recreation of the impression that took over the internet.

The short clip, which has since been viewed over six million times, racked up some 800,000 likes as his adoring band of new followers dubbed Skitzy the “real Mr Beast” in the comment section.

Skitzy has even teamed up with other content creators since, including a collaboration with gaming account @AKBear that saw him prank fellow Fortnite players by pretending to be Mr Beast.

Meme song goes full circle as fake Mr Beast meets real Mr Beast

Though none of Skitzy’s TikTok uploads have been quite as exciting as an update posted by actual Mr Beast himself on Sunday, January 15.

“I just met the real MrBeast”, Jimmy Donaldson told his 70 million TikTok followers, as the world’s most subscribed to video creator posed next to Skitzy.

Skitzy proceeded to, once again, recreate his now iconic impression for the YouTube king, who looked rather frightened in his presence.

It is unclear if the pair are planning to release any long-form content together, though Skitzy may have some way to go if he wants to catch the real Mr Beast’s follower count.

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