Who is Mike Hunter's wife, Cheryl Plaxico? Oklahoma's attorney general announces divorce

Eve Edwards May 27, 2021
Who is Mike Hunter's wife, Cheryl Plaxico? Oklahoma's attorney general announces divorce


Who is Mike Hunter’s wife, Cheryl Plaxico Hunter? As the Oklahoma attorney general announces his divorce and decision to step down from his role simultaneously, curiosity grows about Hunter’s personal life and family.

Who is Mike Hunter’s wife?

  • Cheryl Plaxico Hunter

Cheryl Plaxico Hunter is the wife of Oklahoma attorney general Mike Hunter. The couple have been married for nearly forty years. They have two sons together, named Barrett and Brock.

Despite their four-decade-long marriage, on Friday 21 May 2021, Mike Hunter announced that he was divorcing Cheryl.

In Hunter’s divorce petition, he alleges as grounds for the divorce that a “state of complete and irreconcilable incompatibility has arisen between the parties.”

“I am heartbroken and my priorities are to take care of my sons, my daughter-in-law, my grandson and my parents,” Cheryl Plaxico Hunter is reported to have said in response to her husband’s announcement.

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Meet Cheryl Plaxico Hunter

Cheryl Plaxico Hunter, like her husband, is also an attorney, from Oklahoma. She was admitted to the bar in 1982.

Cheryl graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University in 1979. She then went on to obtain her law degree at the University of Oklahoma, graduating in 1982. Mike Hunter also graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law in 1982. Although unconfirmed, it could be that this is where Cheryl and Mike Hunter met, given that 1982 was around the time the couple got married.

Cheryl Plaxico Hunter also served as a member of the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education from 2000 to 2009, appointed by Governor Frank Keating.

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Mike Hunter’s resignation explored

Along with announcing his divorce from his wife of nearly 40 years, Mike Hunter is set to resign from office effective Tuesday 1 June 2021.

In his resignation statement, Hunter said: “Regrettably, certain personal matters that are becoming public will become a distraction for this office. The office of attorney general is one of the most important positions in state government. I cannot allow a personal issue to overshadow the vital work the attorneys, agents and support staff do on behalf of Oklahoma.”

Mike Hunter was appointed as Oklahoma’s attorney general on 20 February 2017, replacing Scott Pruitt. On 8 November 2018, Hunter won election as attorney general. It is unconfirmed, as of yet, what Mike Hunter’s next steps will be.

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