Does Michael Che have a podcast? Fans curious after Jimmy Kimmel interview

Olivia Olphin June 4, 2021
Photo by: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


Does Michael Che have his own podcast? Fans watching Jimmy Kimmel last night loved comedian Dave Chappelle constantly interrupting his friend Michael Che’s interview. In this segment Che mentioned the possibility of starting his own podcast and fans are searching everywhere for it. We give you all the details about these podcast rumours.

What happened with Dave Chappelle and Michael Che?

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Michael Che was being interviewed about his new HBO Max show That Damn Michael Che.

However, the SNL star kept being interrupted by his friend and fellow comedian Dave Chappelle, causing hysterics all round.

Che was doing the interview from Chappelle’s home in Ohio and Chappelle kept promoting his own podcast The Midnight Miracle instead of letting Che have the limelight.

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However, fans of the comedian on Twitter were confused by Che’s comments about possibly having his own podcast.

Does Michael Che have a podcast?

Unfortunately for his fans it appears that Michael Che does not yet have a podcast.

Jimmy Kimmel enquired in the interview last night if Che has had his own podcast, to which he ironically replied: “It’s there Jimmy you just gotta believe” and that it was “number one too”.


All jokes aside, Che stated that all of his friends have podcasts but that he doesn’t particularly want to go through the effort of starting his own.

He said to Kimmel: “I’m trying to…have a podcast without actually having to do the work of having a podcast”.

While we can never say never, at the moment there is no Michael Che podcast online. However, you can check out Dave Chappelle’s podcast The Midnight Miracle on Luminary now.

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Che’s Instagram bio also now ironically reads: “Thank you for subscribing to my podcast”.

Michael Che has featured on multiple other podcasts including Netflix Is A Daily Joke, Race Wars, The View and Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend.

However, you can catch Michael Che on his own comedy show That Damn Michael Che streaming on HBO Max now.

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