Who is Lulli Boe, wife of the late politician Todd Akin?

Molly Young October 4, 2021
Who is Lulli Boe, wife of the late politician Todd Akin?
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Find out more about Lulli Boe, wife of late politician Tom Akin following the Missouri Republican and ex-representative’s death.

Who is Lulli Boe?

American politician Todd Akin has passed away at the age of 74 after battling cancer for several years.

The House member from Missouri was running for Senate but reportedly lost the support of several other Republicans after making controversial statements regarding abortion.

The wife of Todd Akin is Lulli Boe, the daughter of Norwegian immigrants. She was born in Delaware.

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Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

Lulli Boe is 73 years old, having been born in 1947.

Based on her words reported by Wiki, Lulli Boe works as an evangelical Christian, homemaker, and education pioneer.

Todd Akin and his wife

Lulli Boe studied in France and Norway before enrolling at Hollins College in Virginia and majoring in sociolinguistics.

According to Wiki, Lulli enjoyed tennis and hiking.

After relocating to Worcester, Massachusetts, Lulli Boe worked as an engineer for IBM.

It was at IBM where she met Todd, who was a salesman there at the time.

The couple married in 1975 and Boe credits Akin with saving her from a “radical future”.

Photo by Whitney Curtis/Getty Images

Akin and Lulli stayed at his childhood home, a house owned by his father in Missouri.

However, Akin relocated to Wildwood in the 2000s when his father attempted to partition the 8.5-acre property.

The American politician and businessman’s net worth was reportedly almost $1.1 million.

More about the Akin family

Lulli Boe and Todd Akin have six children – Abigail Akin, Wynn Akin, Hannah Akin, Ezra Akin, Perry Akin and Micah Akin.

Each of the children were homeschooled and their mother became a homeschooling campaigner.

Three of Akin’s sons attended the Naval Academy and went on to become Marine Corps captains, while one of his sons took part in the Iraqi assault on Fallujah.

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