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LGBFJB meaning and origins explained as term takes over Twitter

Eve Edwards October 27, 2021
LGBFJB meaning and origins explained as term takes over Twitter
Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Anyone well-versed in internet culture will by now have come across the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ memes. As they continue to dominate the Twittersphere, these memes have evolved to include acronyms such as LGBFJB. But what is the meaning of this latest addition to the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ world?

Starting with the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ meme

The phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” originated with a viral video of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. Brown was interviewed by NBC following his first-ever NASCAR Xfinity Series win earlier this month.

In the post-race interview, the crowd behind Brandon Brown can be heard chanting “F*** Joe Biden.” In response to this, the NBC reported claimed that the chant is “Let’s Go Brandon”, attempting damage control.

Since the video went viral, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has been used as a chant against sitting US President Joe Biden.

Even Rep. Bill Posey, a Republican from Florida, concluded a speech on the House floor declaring the anti-Biden phrase on Thursday, 21 October, 2021.

If you’ve put two and two together, you might have concluded that the LGB at the start of the LGBFJB acronym stand for “Let’s Go Brandon.”

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But what about the meaning of FJB?

Now we have the first part of the acronym, you might be wondering about the latter part, FJB. Well, given that “Let’s Go Brandon” has been adopted to express anti-Biden sentiment, the latter part references the NASCAR crowd’s chant and stands for “F*** Joe Biden.”

So, the full meaning of LGBFJB is “Let’s Go Brandon, F*** Joe Biden.”

With Bill Posey using the phrase in the House of Representatives, it shows that the phrase and sentiment is going beyond just meme culture. It is now being used to express real dissatisfaction with the US President.

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Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

LGBFJB takes on a slightly different meaning on Twitter

Although the acronym is largely being used to express anti-Biden sentiment, it also has homophobic undertones.

As LGB also are the first three letters of LGBTQIA+, it is taking the queer community’s umbrella acronym and flipping it to create a ‘joke’ acronym.

This is highlighted by the way LGBFJB has been communicated on Twitter. One user tweeted: “LGBFJB. I’m out. And I’m proud.” This was then followed by another tweet adding they are “as straight as straight gets,” but still LGBFJB.

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