Lego Zelensky: Where to buy Citizen Brick figures to help Ukraine

Shania Wilson March 16, 2022
Lego Zelensky: Where to buy Citizen Brick figures to help Ukraine
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Lego retailer Citizen Brick is helping Ukrainian people affected by the Russian invasion by selling figures of Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky – here’s where to buy them.

Citizen Brick, an independent Lego retailer based in Chicago, has raised more than $16,500 for relief efforts in Ukraine after releasing a batch of minifigs of Zelensky.

The Lego figures have already sold out on Citizen Brick’s website but can you still buy one and will the Chicago-based retailer be stocking more?

Here’s what we know.

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Citizen Brick releases Zelensky Lego figures

Citizen Brick announced the release of Zelensky mini Lego figures, priced at $100 each, to aid Ukrainian people affected by the Russian invasion.

The Lego retailer is known for custom-made figures, such as Squid Game characters, but has shifted attention towards the ongoing conflict.

Taking to social media, the independent retailer shared: “In light of the recent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military, Citizen Brick has decided to raise donations to help Ukrainian refugees.

“100 per cent of the sale of these items will go to @directrelief to assist with efforts to bring medical supplies to the people of Ukraine.”

The sale began on 5 March on Citizen Brick’s website and, as expected, the figures sold out within minutes. The initiative raised $16,540 for relief efforts in Ukraine from the sale of Zelensky figures and Molotov cocktail pieces, Design Boom reports.

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Where to buy Zelensky Lego figures

Although Citizen Brick quickly sold out of the Zelensky Lego figures – there’s news more will be on their way. As reported by LadBible, sales went through the roof after the campaign was picked up by Ukraine’s official Instagram account. However, another order is in the works.

“We’re scrambling to make another batch since this got picked up on the Ukrainian Instagram page,” Citizen Brick shared.

Once another batch is available, you’ll be able to purchase figures for $100 each from Citizen Brick’s website, presuming pricing remains the same. The Molotov cocktail pieces were priced at $10. Until then, it’s worth keeping an eye on social media selling sites such as eBay and Etsy as well as Lego forums.

If you want to contribute towards another Ukraine relief effort, Citizen Brick recommends donating to an affiliated charity. The company told Design Boom: “As you may have noticed, the minifigs sold out almost immediately. We made as many as possible in a frantic 24 hours, with the CB crew coming in on their day off to print.

“We know there were some folks who tried to get one and couldn’t. We hope they’ll consider making a direct donation to a relevant charity nonetheless.”

View all Citizen Brick minifigs here.

How Lego responded to Ukraine crisis

Citizen Brick is an independent Lego retailer and launched the campaign itself but Lego Group has also responded to the crisis in Ukraine.

Design Boom reports Lego Group halted shipments of its products to Russia and has donated more than $16 million to relief efforts through the Lego Foundation.

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