Lauren Boebert’s education background explored amid SOTU controversy

Shania Wilson March 3, 2022
Lauren Boebert’s education background explored amid SOTU controversy
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Colorado Republican representative Lauren Boebert is making headlines following this week’s State of the Union speech.

As reported by The Independent, Boebert heckled president Joe Biden during the address, prompting frustration from viewers.

As talk surrounding Boebert continues, many are curious to know more about the Republican’s political and education background. Here’s what we know.

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Lauren Boebert makes headlines for SOTU controversy

During the State of the Union address this week, Lauren Boebert interrupted Biden as he talked about the death of his son. The congresswoman was then booed by those attending and heavily criticised on social media by those tuning in at home.

Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene later chanted “build the wall” after Biden pledged to “secure the border and fix the immigration system”, the Independent reports.

Despite backlash, the Colorado rep spoke out on Laura Ingraham’s show, explaining: “You’re darn right I spoke up. And if I could redo last night, I would absolutely do it again.”

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Lauren Boebert’s education background explored

Last year, Twitter was flooded with claims that Lauren Boebert had recieved her GED diploma (the equivalent of a high-school diploma, gained by passing General Educational Development tests) just months before being elected to Congress.

Fact-checking website Snopes deemed the speculation to be true, reporting Boebert completed education with Colorado’s Durango Herald in September 2020.

The same outlet shares the congresswoman completed a four-course review to earn her GED.

Boebert attended Rifle High School but was a new mother at the time. Snopes then quotes the rep: “I went to my high school. I was a brand-new mom and I had to make hard decisions on successfully raising my child or getting to high-school biology class. And I chose to take care of my child.”

“I didn’t go through the typical education course. I was a great student. I had great grades. I loved being there, but I was starting my family and had different priorities,” Boebert clarified.

As per Boebert’s official bio, the congresswoman recieved the opportunity to work as assistant manager at her local McDonald’s in her senior year of high school. This resulted in her dropping out to make money for her family.

Congresswoman’s political background

Although Lauren Boebert didn’t take the traditional route in the education department, she has quite a political background behind her.

The first woman, first mother, and youngest ever to represent Colorado’s 3rd District, Boebert is also an ex-officio steering member on the Republican Study Committee.

Likewise, she is an active member of the House Freedom Caucus and co-chair of the Congressional Second Amendment Caucus.

Prior to her 2020 victory, Boebert had never held public office.

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