Lance Kerwin dies age 62, survived by wife Yvonne and five children

Bruno Cooke January 26, 2023
Lance Kerwin dies age 62, survived by wife Yvonne and five children
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The actor Lance Kerwin, who made a name for himself in James At 15, The Loneliest Runner and Salem’s Lot, has died at the age of 62, to be survived by his wife Yvonne and five children.

Variety cites his daughter Savannah as saying that an autopsy to determine the cause of death is currently underway

Kerwin married twice in his life: his first wife was Kristen Lansdale, with whom he had his eldest daughter Savannah; with his second wife, Yvonne Kerwin, Lance had four more children.

He gave up acting in the mid 1990s and, in 2010, reports emerged that he was working as a pastor in Hawaii.

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Who is Lance Kerwin’s wife and mother to four of his children, Yvonne?

Yvonne Marie Rodriguez lives with her and her husband Lance Kerwin’s four children – Kailani, Terah, Justus and Trinity – in Hawaii.

And sadly, until January 24, 2023, her husband Lance himself. He died on Tuesday at the age of 62.

They married on or around October 9, 2000. They celebrated their 19th anniversary on that date in 2019, meaning they recently celebrated their 22nd year of marriage. Her birthday falls on February 1.

Lance also has a fifth child from his previous marriage to Kristen Lansdale. It was his first daughter Savannah that shared news of his death, and confirmed that the family would be celebrating this life in the coming weeks.

What did Savannah say regarding her father’s passing?

“We appreciate all the kind words, memories, and prayers that have been shared,” Savannah wrote in a Facebook post.

“As the coming weeks progress, I will share more information about after life ceremonies. He loved each and everyone one of you.”

Meanwhile his cousin, Lyn Lawhead, wrote in a comment on a post in the Lance Kerwin Fans Facebook group that the family is “asking for some time to grieve privately.”

“When we are ready,” she added, “we will share more details. We are all doing our best to cope right now. His kids are safe and know how much he loved them.”

Lance’s wife Yvonne Marie Kerwin regularly posts about their children’s school life and hobbies on social media.

The primary focus of Yvonne’s Instagram feed is her and Lance’s four children, Kailani, Terah, Justus and Trinity.

Whether it be pumpkin carving, celebrating the first day of school, cooking truffle parmesan fries, drinking boba together as a family, or watching Trinity Kerwin perform in the Kauai High School orchestra, it’s never long between child-oriented posts.

Lance is also a regular fixture. They celebrated their 19th anniversary on October 9, 2019, as mentioned above; on February 2, 2014, she posted a photo of the reservation card for the dinner she and Lance enjoyed on her birthday that year.

Is Lance related to Brian or James Kerwin?

No, Lance Kerwin, Brian Kerwin and James Kerwin don’t appear to be related to each other. Not in any direct, meaningful way, anyway.

Lance is from Newport Beach, California; James Kerwin is from St Louis, Missouri – he’s a film director, theater director and screenwriter; and Brian Kerwin is from Chicago, Illinois.

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They are all in the film industry, or rather all have been – Lance moved away from acting in the mid 1990s. But nowhere does there appear to be evidence of any direct familial ties.

The surname Kerwin is of Irish origin, dating back to the 12th century. During the 19th century, thousands of Irish families traveled to the US, especially during the Great Potato Famine of the 1840s.

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