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The meaning of Kill Bill 124 explored following Ontario nurses' protest

Amber Peake September 29, 2021
Nurses rally at Yonge-Dundas Square to protest Bill 124, wage-suppression legislation that negatively impacts registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and health-care professionals. This Bill limits wage increases to a maximum of one per cent total compensa
Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images


Kill Bill 124’ has gained traction on social media in the past few months as the term is used in relation to Ontario government Bill 124. We explore the significance and meaning behind Kill Bill 124.

Kill Bill 124 meaning explored

Kill Bill 124 refers to the Ontario government Bill 124, which affects pay increases for workers in the public sector.

The expression ‘Kill Bill’ will be familiar to movie fans regarding Quentin Tarantino‘s popular film series of the same name, although in this context ‘kill” and ‘bill’ relate to people who are against the legislation.

The term has gained traction on social media in the past few months as people share their views about the Bill:

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images
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What is Bill 124?

Bill 124, also known as the Protecting A Sustainable Public Sector For Future Generations Act 2019, limits salary increases, which the Ontario government states will help “protect the sustainability of public services“.

As part of the Bill, wages are capped to one per cent for each 12 months during a set moderation period of three years. The Bill was first put forward to Ontario premier Doug Ford’s government in June 2019 and was passed on 7 November of that year.

Bill 124 affects those working in the public sector including universities, long-term care homes, school boards as well as healthcare professionals in hospitals.

During the coronavirus pandemic, which saw an increased demand for healthcare professionals, many nurses protested against the Bill as they expressed frustration at it capping wage increases amid staffing shortages.

Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images
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What is happening with Bill 124 now?

In late August, CTV News reported more than 300 physicians had signed an open letter to Ontario premier Doug Ford asking for the Bill to be repealed and for the government to offer a pay increase for critical care physicians.

Nurses also warned the government in the letter about the state of emergency departments in the province, claiming they were in “crisis“. The letter came in the wake of reports of nursing shortages in Ontario and Canada as a whole ahead of a fourth wave of the coronavirus.

On Tuesday, 28 September, Ontario’s covid-19 science advisory table stated the fourth wave had flattened, meaning “new cases, hospitalisations and ICU occupancy” weren’t increasing in the province.

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