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Who is Joshua Katz’ wife Solveig Gold? Princeton professor in ‘double jeopardy’

Bruno Cooke May 20, 2022
joshua katz princeton wife solveig gold


The president of Princeton University has recommended the board of trustees fire classics professor Dr Joshua Katz “in connection with a relationship he had with a student in 2006”, reports the New York Post – who is his wife and fellow Princeton classics researcher, Solveig Gold?

Solveig Lucia Gold is the wife of Princeton University professor Joshua Katz, NYTimes confirms

In its reporting on the “campus uproar” surrounding the Princeton University president’s recommendation to fire tenured professor Dr Joshua Katz, The New York Times writes that his wife, Solveig Lucia Gold, said he has “lost many friends over the controversy”.

“Nobody wants to be seen in his presence, in his company, in his friendship,” she said.

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As of February 2021, when The Lily wrote about the Daily Princetonian investigation that uncovered “allegations Joshua Katz ‘crossed professional boundaries’ with three female students”, Dr Katz and Gold were “engaged to be married in July”.

The Lily claims to have “reviewed” a copy of the wedding invitation, plus references to it on social media.

Who is Solveig Gold?

Gold is a senior research assistant at Princeton’s James Madison Program. Her focus is on American ideals and institutions. She is also a PhD candidate in classics at the University of Cambridge in England.

Originally, however, she’s from New York.

Solveig earned her bachelor of arts degree in classics from Princeton University in 2017. Her period of focus was late antiquity. The university named her and fellow student Marisa Salazar as co-winners of the prestigious Moses Taylor Pyne Honour Prize.

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In her Pyne Prize address, she recalled “discussing my existential crises at 4am with the nocturnal Professor Joshua Katz”.

Alongside her academic career, she’s been an editorial intern at The New Criterion. Ten years ago, she founded and co-ordinated a collegiate Latin program at South Bronx Classical Charter School, according to her LinkedIn profile.

How long has Dr Joshua Katz worked at Princeton University?

The New York Times writes that Dr Joshua Katz, who has been a classicist at Princeton University since spring 1998, has become a “cause célèbre” among some conservative columnists.

He graduated from Yale University in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in linguistics (with Exceptional Distinction in the major). Two years later, he earned a master of philosophy degree from Oxford University, and in 1998 he completed his doctorate at Harvard.

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The Long Night | Official Trailer

The Long Night | Official Trailer

Princeton University hired Dr Joshua Katz as a one-semester lecturer in spring 1998, and he’s taught at the institution ever since. In 2015, the New Yorker’s Ian Frazier wrote about him, noting his “dark suit, high forehead, and merry eyes behind Santa Claus glasses” – as quoted in his Princeton University bio.

The Washington Free Beacon quoted Dr Katz as recently writing he was “subject to double jeopardy” over recent investigations into his past relationships. 

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