'Why is Joe Biden on BeReal': Users react to POTUS' booster post

Alexandra Ciufudean October 26, 2022
'Why is Joe Biden on BeReal': Users react to POTUS' booster post
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The President’s social media team is keeping up with trends by using the BeReal format to convince younger audiences to get their annual vaccinations. But is Joe Biden really on BeReal?

Twitter users are losing their collective minds after spotting what looked like a BeReal photo on the President’s blue check account.

The French social media app is taking off with younger people who see it as a less curated alternative to Instagram or Facebook.

Now, even the president seems to be on it.

Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Joe Biden’s tweet encourages Zoomers to get vaccinated

On Wednesday, President Biden’s official Twitter posted an image meant to encourage young people to get their annual vaccinations in before flu and covid season.

But what made the photo stand out is it appeared to be taken in the BeReal format, using both front and rear cameras to show what a user is up to at a random time during their day.

In one image, Biden is smiling and pointing at his arm, while in the other, Chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci and United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy pose close together, giving a thumbs up to the camera.

The caption includes a subtle nod to the app’s name: “Got my annual, updated shot today. You should get yours too, for real.”

Is the POTUS on BeReal?

The annual shot Biden is talking about is the covid-19 vaccine booster, which is now recommended for both kids and adults going into the winter season.

Biden received his third booster shot on October 25, making it his fifth covid-19 vaccine dose. Speaking at the White House recently, the POTUS encouraged people to stay on top of their covid shots: “Can we have a much better winter [than the past few years] if we use all – all – the tools that we have now?”

The recent tweet is part of the same awareness effort. But is Joe Biden really on BeReal?

Doubtful. Though the POTUS’ image is in the BeReal format, it’s unclear whether the app was actually used to create it.

Still, most users seem to think the photo is real and have mixed feelings about the president joining an app whose demographic skews decidedly toward Gen Z.

Earlier this month, BeReal announced they’d reached more than 20 million active daily users after raising $60 million during Series B funding in May 2022. And according to a data.ai report from the same month, 55 percent of its US users were Millennials, though the demographics did skew younger in other parts of the world.

Users from France, Brazil, and Australia were almost overwhelmingly (80 percent) Gen Z, while German users bucked the trend completely with 56 percent of millennials.

Gen Z has mixed feelings about the president’s BeReal image

The president’s press team may be rolling with the times, but are the times glad of the company?

The impact of the POTUS’ vaccine messaging seems to have been softened, at least for now, by the BeReal image, but opinions from Gen Z tweeters are mixed.

At least the BeReal team is all for adding your grandparents to the app.

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