Honey I shrank the Carters! Tiny Jimmy Carter and 'giant' Biden pic breaks Twitter

Jane Corscadden May 4, 2021

Honey, I shrank the Carters! A photo of the 39th President, his wife Rosalynn, and the Bidens has gone viral due to their apparent height differences between the Bidens and Carters. Is Jimmy Carter tiny or is it an accidental optical illusion?

Twitter has reacted to the photo with memes on Jimmy Carter’s small stature, and calling Joe Biden a giant. Others, meanwhile, are genuinely curious about their heights.

Is Jimmy Carter tiny or is this all about angles?

So, is Jimmy Carter actually tiny? Interestingly, he’s actually average height, although the photo shared on Twitter may not have you believing that.

The former president is a very respectable 5′ 9.5″, or 177cm. This makes Carter the 32nd tallest US president. His wife, Rosalynn, is around 5ft 4in or 165cm.

What about the Bidens then? In the photo, they appear to be towering over the Carters, leading to some hilarious reactions online (more on that later…)

Is Joe Biden really a giant?! He’s definitely taller than Jimmy Carter, but not by too much. Joe Biden is around 5′ 11.5″, making him the 20th tallest president. Jill Biden is approximately 5′ 5″, or 168cm.

Why do the Bidens look so much taller than the Carters?

This means that Joe Biden is around two inches taller than Jimmy Carter, while Rosalynn Carter is just once inch smaller than Jill Biden. So, what gives?!

What caused this strange photo, that looks like a real ‘honey I shrunk the Carters’ moment?! It seems it could just be down to the angle the photo was taken at, or some other form of camera trickery, like the width of the lens.

Speaking to The Guardian about the image, picture editor Carly Earl explains why the image may look as it does.

She explains it may be down to the use of a wide-angle camera lens, which has distorted the image. Put simply, if you’re taking photos in a smaller space, you may not have enough room to move back far enough to fit everyone in. This explains the use of a wider lens – to get everyone in the photo.

But, if you use a really wide lens while standing closer to the subjects, it’ll distort the image. This makes those closest to the camera look like giants while those further away appear tiny. In this case, resulting in big Bidens and tiny Carters.

Twitter reacts to the Carters and Bidens

As you could imagine, Twitter has taken this one and run with it. Here’s just a few reactions to the giant Bidens and tiny Carters.

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