No, Jen Psaki did not recommend Taco Bell for Thanksgiving

Bruno Cooke November 24, 2021
No, Jen Psaki did not recommend Taco Bell for Thanksgiving
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A recent post by satirical media outlet Beep Satire ran the headline, “White House Tells Families To Consider Taco Bell This Thanksgiving”. While the post does include a small Beep Satire logo, some people may have interpreted it as real.

Jen Psaki did not recommend Taco Bell for Thanksgiving during White House press briefing

It is not true that White House press secretary Jen Psaki advised American consumers to consider Taco Bell for their Thanksgiving feasts this week because of inflation rises.

The satirical story, published yesterday by Beep Satire – “Satire, jokes, & media flops”, runs their Instagram bio – shows the false headline, “White House Tells Families To Consider Taco Bell This Thanksgiving”.

Beneath it is a made-up quote from Jen Psaki: “‘Inflation is hurting all of us this year,’ Psaki told reporters. ‘The Value Menu at Taco Bell is just as tasty and a lot more affordable.’”

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While the first part of the sentence is hard to contend – US inflation rose to more than 6% for the first time in more than 25 years – it does not appear to be something she actually said.

Did anyone fall for the White House Taco Bell story?

Anyone who subscribes to Beep Satire’s posts, or follows the outlet on Instagram, knows that it is a satirical organisation. It is literally in the name: Beep Satire.

However, when stories like this migrate to other social media channels, such assurances can get lost. 

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Although, at the same time, given the nature of online posting and commenting, it can often be very difficult to know if someone is joking or not, when they make out as if they are taking something seriously.

Example: on Twitter, one user commented, “that’s just pure evil. No heart. Clearly hates humanity”. Is this a joke? Does the commenter believe the story is true, or are they jokingly amplifying it? It is a disproportionately strong reaction, if it is in earnest.

“Who do these people think they are”, commented another. “If the economy keeps tumbling down we will be lucky to get taco”. Again – this could easily be a joke, but it’s not clear.

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Did you know Lil Nas X had partnered with Taco Bell to promote the Live Más Scholarship?

On a Taco Bell-related side note, Lil Nas X shared a video to his Twitter account a few days ago in which he promoted the Taco Bell Foundation’s Live Más Scholarship.

The scholarship is for “students who are pursuing higher education, preparing for the workforce, or using their passion to ignite change in their communities and beyond”. 

The Taco Bell Foundation has been running the Live Más Scholarship for seven years. This year it is offering up to $7 million to ambitious students, with $2 million earmarked specifically for employees. 

Lil Nas X is the new Chief Impact Officer – he worked his first ever job at Taco Bell as a teenager.

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