Does James 'Murr' Murray have kids? Impractical Jokers' 'daughter' skit confuses fans

Bruno Cooke May 12, 2021
Does James 'Murr' Murray have kids? Impractical Jokers' 'daughter' skit confuses fans
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Do Impractical Joker James “Murr” Murray and wife Melyssa Davies have any kids? The couple married on 25 September 2020, in a wedding officiated by fellow Impractical Joker, Joe Gatto. So, have they got any children?

James Murray kids

James “Murr” Murray, of Impractical Jokers fame, married fiancée Melyssa Davies on 25 September, 2020.

Colleague and friend Joe Gatto officiated the wedding, which took place in Bucks County, Pennsylvania despite “twists and turns” caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

Born 1976, Murray recently turned 45, while Melyssa is 19 years his junior. She turned 26 in March this year.

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The couple do not have any children, at time of writing – although there is a season 8 prank that suggests otherwise. 

Murr Impractical Jokers daughter

A year ago, for an Impractical Jokers skit, Joe and Murr read what they pretended were their “daughters’ diaries” to strangers. The game was to try to get the strangers to read the dairies themselves.

The sketch may have confused audiences into thinking that Murr actually had a daughter.

Watch the video below, from about 2:00.

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But, while Murr and Melyssa may not have any children, they do have a dog, whose name is Penelope Murray.

Penny the Pooch Murray on Instagram

Murray and Davies’ dog, Penelope Murray, has its own Instagram account

While she only follows five other accounts, Penny the Pooch has almost 9K followers.

She posted her first picture on 15 November, 2019. Its caption, in true dogs-of-Instagram style, reads: “I like shoes, treats, and socks. I can’t wait for mommy and daddy to get home!”

Meanwhile her bio reads simply, “Bark bark woof woof. My mom is Melyssa. My dad is Murr.”

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