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James Bond Burger meaning explained as meme goes viral again

Yasmine Leung January 28, 2022
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The James Bond burger meme is circulating social media once again but people still have no idea what the meaning is – let’s break it down.

People love a good pun but sometimes memes miss the mark as they’re not as obvious as the inventor intended. For example, the D Simba meme makes rounds online every December.

With the letter D combined with a photo of a lion, it’s easy to assume that it means D-lion, but obviously that isn’t the answer.

Find out about that meme here.

The James Bond Burger joke is similar to D Simba, but unless you’re a 007 and McDonald’s connoisseur, there’s no way anyone would be able to figure it out.

***Warning: the answer is rude! ***

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Uncharted | Final Trailer

Uncharted | Final Trailer

It’s at least eight years old

At first glance, the answer is “last night I James Bond burgered your sister” or “last night I Bond burgered your sister” but neither of those make sense. Unless, of course, you change one letter in the word ‘burgered’. You can see where this is going!

It’s unknown exactly who invented it and when but the meme dates to at least 2013 – it was uploaded to imgur in October 2013.

Redditors claim it’s an ancient joke born out of meme hub 4chan years ago, and it has made appearances in at least six different Reddit threads.

Meaning of James Bond Burger explained

One Twitter user is particularly frustrated as they still have no clue about the joke: “I hate this stupid image eight years later and I still don’t even have a slight idea of what it’s supposed to mean.”

Music YouTube channel SilvaGunner made a nine-minute video with several attempts to decipher the meme, each explanation getting more far-fetched than the last.

The most widely accepted answer is Pierce Brosnan is the sixth actor to play the spy, while the burger was supposedly the ninth item on the McDonald’s menu in 2007. Combined, the meme uses the figure 69 in conjunction with “your sister”, and we all know what that number means.

Another explanation could be “Pierce” and “In-N-Out burger”, implying “last night, I pierced in and out…”. This one would only make sense in the US – the burger chain originates from California.

To be honest, we’re not too convinced by the theories since Brosnan is the fifth Bond, but he’s the sixth if you count David Niven in the 1967 Casino Royale parody! 

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