Jack Posobiec's bizarre Pizza Hut Twitter beef explained

Shania Wilson May 9, 2022
Jack Posobiec's bizarre Pizza Hut Twitter beef explained
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Human Events host and American alt-right political activist Jack Posobiec seemingly had a less than pleasant experience at a Pizza Hut restaurant, and he wasn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

In a string of tweets, Posobiec bashed the Pizza Hut franchise business in the US and labelled a DC restaurant a “wasteland”.

The political activist even went so far as to call for Elon Musk to buy Pizza Hut to “restore” the company’s glory days.

Confused by the whole ordeal? Allow us to explain.

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Pizza Hut logo seen in Merida. On Friday, February 4, 2022, in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. (Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Jack Posobiec calls Pizza Hut a ‘wasteland’

It seems as though Jack Posobiec really has it in for American restaurant chain Pizza Hut.

Taking to Twitter, the Human Events host shared: “Tried to take my kids to a classic @PizzaHut near DC last night and it was a wasteland. Guess they don’t do dine-in any more. Unmade boxes over all the tables, dirty, delivery drivers hanging out. Grew up with BookIt personal pans, red cups, and arcade games. It’s all gone now.”

Pizza Hut responded to the tweet, asking Posobiec to DM them with his name, email address, phone number and the store’s exact street address… but the political activist wasn’t done yet.

Posobiec then published a string of tweets in which he compared Pizza Hut restaurants in the US with Pizza Hut restaurants in China.

However, one Twitter user claimed the Pizza Hut image Jack alleged was in the US was actually in Australia. “Pizza Hut from Adelaide, Australia 2006. Are YOU paying attention, Jack??” the user tweeted.

Posobiec then tweeted a photo with the caption “Remember what they took from you”, before sharing a link to a video that alleges the “decline” of Pizza Hut.

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Some of Posobiec’s followers questioned why he was taking aim at Pizza Hut, writing: “What is with Jack Posobiec and Pizza Hut?”

The activist later tweeted: “Not gonna stop talking about Pizza Hut.”

The debate gained so much traction the term ‘Pizza Hut’ started to trend on Twitter.

Political activist calls for Elon Musk to buy Pizza Hut

After publishing a series of tweets expressing his dissatisfaction with modern Pizza Hut restaurants, Jack Posobiec called for tech billionaire Elon Musk’s help.

Musk is set to complete a $44 billion takeover of social media company Twitter, but Posobiec seemed to have another business venture on the brain.

@ElonMusk buy Pizza Hut and restore it to its former glory,” he tweeted.

Elon Musk has yet to respond to Posobiec’s proposition.

Did Pizza Hut respond to Twitter rant?

Jack Posobiec attempted to get the attention of Pizza Hut, but did his Twitter rant work?

According to Meaww, Pizza Hut fired back at Posobiec in a now-deleted tweet. Reportedly, it read: “Jack Posobiec is no longer welcome at our restaurants after he came in, intoxicated, demanding to know where we kept the Space Lazers. We told him that was Dominos.”

However, it looks as though the tweet might have been a parody by satire account Back Rub.

The Focus has contacted Pizza Hut for comment.

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