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Is Skinwalker Ranch real or fake? History of Utah's UFO location

Eve Edwards May 5, 2021
is skinwalker ranch fake

Is Skinwalker Ranch real or fake? The paranormal location is explored on the History channel’s The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

On 4 May 2021, The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch returned for its sophomore season. There are ten episodes expected in season 2, which will take us all the way through until summer.

In this season, we are introduced to some more paranormal activities at Skinwalker Ranch. The general public still has questions about the ranch’s legitimacy, so we’ve done some digging.

Find out about the history of Skinwalker Ranch here.

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Is Skinwalker Ranch fake?

Skinwalker Ranch has long been a topic of debate, given its paranormal nature. There are some who believe that Skinwalker Ranch is real and others who think the stories told (and the History TV show) are fake.

Newspaper reports of UFO sightings at the ranch date back to 1978. Extraterrestrial beings and aircrafts in the area were also reported on in the mid-90s.

One Twitter user wrote: “I think it is unfortunate if people discourage watching #TheSecretofSkinwalkerRanch, simply because it is a truthful, sincere effort to explore the nature of our world & topics that many find both intriguing or terrifying. I believe it is the greatest science project of our time.”

In response to the above, another wrote: “agree at skinwalker ranch there’s something there something big and its clear and not fake its real at first i was skeptical but now i believe in it and something is there”

The data presented on the show hasn’t been enough to convince some others. One wrote: “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on History Channel is so fake!”

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Where is Skinwalker Ranch?

Skinwalker Ranch is a real ranch based in Utah. The ranch has a long history, dating back to the early 1900s. It also goes by the name Sherman Ranch.

The massive ranch is located in Ballard, Utah. It spans over 500 acres of land in the state’s northern region, known as the Uintah Basin.

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Skinwalker Ranch’s history explored

The ranch’s notoriety became well known in the mid-90s, when owners Terry and Gwen Sherman shared their experiences with the media.

They reported seeing unidentifiable beasts on the ranch, some of whom they tried to kill, but were not hurt by bullets. They also reported lights, hovering and zipping about in the sky, including “large orange circles” and “blue spheres” that flew around.

The most gruesome reports were of Skinwalker Ranch’s animals dying during the night. Cows were found “cored out,” and the Sherman’s dogs were seemingly incinerated.

The ranch’s name is derived from one of the most feared beings in Navajo culture: skin-walkers. These malevolent creatures have the ability to shape-shift and are thought to roam through this particular region of Utah.

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