Is Mortal Kombat banned in Japan? Rumours resurface with new Smash release

Iram Sharifah Khan June 15, 2021
Is Mortal Kombat banned in Japan? Rumours resurface with new Smash release

FATALITY! Mortal Kombat 11 takes a hit after rumours say the video game has been banned in multiple countries, including Japan.

Is Mortal Kombat banned in Japan?

Mortal Kombat 11 has not been banned in Japan in spite of rumours saying that it has been. Instead, the game has been localised. What this means is, the country disapproves of the game for specific reasons but will not stop or govern the residents that purchase it from overseas.

Despite this, many people on social media say it has been banned. A ban would imply a consequence issued by the country’s government for simply owning the game and this is why it has been localised in Japan, Ukraine and Indonesia, not banned. However, China HAS banned the game due to its gratuitous violence and controversial themes.

*Cough*…localised…*cough cough*

Will Mortal Kombat feature in Smash?

We don’t expect that Mortal Kombat will ever feature in Smash Bros. games even though, fans have long requested Smash Bros Ultimate to bring on Mortal Kombat characters as champion fighters.

In February 2020, co-creator Ed Boon mentioned that he would like to see some of the characters appear in the next game but this never came to fruition.

Smash Bros is known to show characters from Millennials and Gen Z’s childhood but being that many players are still quite young, it would be unlikely for Nintendo to endorse the blood, violence and gore that Mortal Kombat characters would bring with them.

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Smash release has fans thinking MK could feature in future DLC’s

Earlier today (15th June 2021), Super Smash Bros. revealed Tekken character Kazuya will be featured in their game. This makes fans believe it entirely possible for Mortal Kombat characters to be featured in the game in future, due to Kazuya’s ruthless nature. Some fans are still hopeful the next DLC will have MK characters, more specifically, Scorpion. GET OVER HERE! to see some of the Twitter posts:

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