Is Melissa Joan Hart a Trump supporter, or has she ever been?

Bruno Cooke November 24, 2022
Is Melissa Joan Hart a Trump supporter, or has she ever been?
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Melissa Joan Hart has “graduated,” writes New York’s Vulture magazine, from Sabrina The Teenage Witch to Lifetime Christmas movie lead and now to Lifetime Christmas movie director, and her political affiliation has evolved over time too – but has she ever voiced her support for Donald Trump?

With a resurgence of interest in Sabrina and following a somewhat surprising set of midterms results, fans of Hart’s witch may be curious to know about her political leanings.

She played the cartoon protagonist from the very beginning of the series. Hart was just 19 when Sabrina The Teenage Witch’s producers cast her in its unofficial pilot. Ryan Reynolds played high school heartthrob Seth.

For his part, Reynolds has spoken publicly about his feelings towards Donald Trump, but what about Melissa Joan Hart?

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Does Melissa Joan Hart support Donald Trump?

She doesn’t appear to, no. In fact, Trump’s presidential run in 2016 appears to have driven her away from the GOP.

In the 2016 presidential election, she made comments that showed she favored other political candidates. 

For one, she made public appearances with Libertarian vice presidential nominee Bill Weld, urging voters to “pull the lever for a third party,” Mass Live reported at the time. 

She described herself to reporters as a “moderate conservative” who felt she didn’t fit in with either the Democratic or Republican Party. At least, as far as the 2016 election cycle went. Donald Trump ultimately went on to defeat Hillary Clinton and become president of the United States.

According to a Digital Spy article, Melissa exclaimed that she wasn’t moved by any of the US presidential candidates running for the 2016 election, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Cruz, and added that “they all suck”.

Up until 2016, Weld had been a member of the Republican Party and a successful politician. He rejoined the GOP in 2020 in order to challenge Trump, which might give some indication as to how much Melissa Joan Hart’s politics changed during those years, and as to her views towards him.

GRV Media/The Focus has reached out to Melissa Joan Hart for comment.

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Where does she position herself on specific campaign issues?

Speaking to a crowd of election eve voters in Boston, Massachusetts in November of that year, she said people often assume she is a “liberal.”

Especially as a New Yorker and a “girl in Hollywood,” she explained. “But then I was always leaning to the right,” she said. “And then I’m also pro-choice, but I’m for gun reform. 

“And so I was trying to find somewhere I fit in, and it was really when I found the governors that I felt like there was a party I could get behind.”

She was referring to William “Bill” Weld and his running mate Gary Johnson. In the past, she had opted to pick the “lesser of two evils,” she went on, meaning she would vote for the candidate she disliked the least. But in 2016, she says, she found her team.

The Polar Express | Trailer

The Polar Express | Trailer

Melissa Joan Hart has also been open about being a Republican, if not a Trump supporter

In 2013, according to the Longview News-Journal, Melissa Joan Hart said she was “pretty much surrounded by Republicans at work,” which made life “a little easier.”

The implication is that she was herself a Republican Party supporter at the time.

“But I love talking to my Democrat friends about how they see things,” she added. In the 1996 presidential election, too, she voted for Bob Dole over Bill Clinton – Republican over Democrat.

And in November 2012, Hart tweeted her endorsement for Mitt Romney. The Inquisitr reported at the time that her Twitter followers promptly “shredded” her “in 140 characters or less.”

Has she given any hints as to her political affiliation since 2016?

Melissa Joan Hart doesn’t appear to have spoken publicly about her specific political affiliation since she eschewed Trump’s party in 2016, in favor of the Libertarian Party.

But in November 2018, she posted on social media in a way that suggests a doubling down on her libertarian views. Or, at least, her stance against Trump.

“I find myself saying the same things I’ve heard older generations say before me,” she wrote on Facebook on November 19, 2018. “Can’t we all just ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you’?”

The image she shared was of Peter Griffin in Family Guy, with the overlaying text: “This just in, the world is almost out of common sense.”

Donald Trump was the president of the United States at the time, which may give some hint as to what Melissa Joan Hart meant by posting it, but it didn’t specify what her political affiliation was, per se.

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