Is Hillary Clinton dead or alive? Why are death rumours even trending?

Bruno Cooke April 28, 2021
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Rumours are strange things. The latest is that former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is dead – more specifically, this rumour says that she was hanged on 26 April (or 28 March, it’s complicated), and chose scrambled eggs as her last meal.

We’re happy to say Hillary Clinton is very much alive and well. But where did this rumour come from? Let’s take a look.

Is Hillary Clinton dead? Where did this rumour come from?

The rumour seems to have originated with a user named TL WILLIAMS on right-wing social media platform Parler, from where it made its way over to Twitter.

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User Bradley P Moss shared the post via Twitter on 23 April with the caption, “I am way too sober for this”. 

Note that, although the screenshot relating to Clinton’s supposed death, posted in a comment, has only got 8 likes, the original post has over 3,000.

What does the post claim?

The claims made in the post seem to align with wider conspiracies promoted by Trump supporters, such as the Q Anon conspiracy theory, which gained mainstream attention in late 2020. TL Williams’ post claims that Hillary Clinton “was hung” (sic) on 28 March, while former president Bill Clinton “got a firing squad”.

It goes on to say that a White House channel would broadcast “eight hours a day of tribunals”. The tribunals will run between one and four o’clock in the morning (a three hour period).

Williams cites only one source for this information: someone called “Gene Cosensei”. While blog posts about Gene Cosensei exist, they tend to link to YouTube videos that are no longer available, so it’s almost impossible to verify who Cosensei is.

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Why are people wondering whether Hillary Clinton is still alive?

Further propagating the rumour that Hillary Clinton has been hanged are a few pseudo-news websites. 

For example, Best News Here, in a post titled Hillary Clinton Is Dead… And Why It Matters!!, asserts that the former Secretary of State was hanged “at GITMO”, at 9:05pm on 26 April.

Her last meal was, it claims, “scrambled eggs with jalapeño peppers, and a strawberry milkshake”.

The text of the article includes references to real places and people, including Navy officer John G Hannink and former president Donald Trump.

However, none of the information stated in these articles is true – Hillary Clinton is alive and well.

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Twitter reacts to the original death rumour post

The first part of Williams’ post, available to view on Twitter, tells of millions of children living underground. 

It details various theories about, for example, “what the (covid-19) ventilators are actually for”.

One user commented that, although “most of it sounds plausible”, there is one glaring gap in the logic of the theory.

Others are less willing to entertain the ideas contained in the post.

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