Is Coraline 2 real? Persistent sequel rumour quashed by author

Bruno Cooke April 18, 2022
Is Coraline 2 real? Persistent sequel rumour quashed by author


About a year ago, HITC wrote that there was no reason to expect a Coraline sequel, neither in print nor on screen, “until the creator himself has found an idea he is happy enough to pursue”. But rumours and theories about a Coraline sequel have continued to circulate, so… is Coraline 2 real?

Is Coraline 2 real?

Since Coraline author Neil Gaiman wrote, on 31 March 2021, that he was “waiting for a Coraline story that’s as good as or better than Coraline”, rumours, theories and general interest regarding a Coraline sequel have persisted.

The creative process isn’t something you can force. Yet the rumour mill has continued to spin. One fan, spotting an apparently false report on a fabricated release date for Coraline 2, asked Gaiman directly whether or not it was real.

He responded simply: “No”.

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But a small piece of misinformation can sometimes mutate into a self-replicating rumour. One article prompts several people to write on social media, which leads to a flurry of internet activity and, ultimately, more articles. 

Neil Gaiman bashes ‘theories of Coraline’ and reaffirms that Coraline 2 is not real

A recent back-and-forth between Coraline author Neil Gaiman and a fan led the latter to ask, “so there’s no theory about Coraline, just open to interpretation?”

Gaiman responded that the notion that there might be “theories of Coraline” confuses him. Those who invent such theories, he suggests, do so “to get people to watch YouTube and TikTok videos”.

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And they “have about as much going for them as the fake posters announcing Coraline 2”, he adds. “It’s not a puzzle and there isn’t a magic key.”

So, unless there’s still any ambiguity: Coraline 2 is not real – at least for now, there is no sequel; and the idea that there can be many “theories” of Coraline is strange to its author.

Who is writing fake reports about a nonexistent Coraline sequel?

The article snippet that features in the above interaction between Neil Gaiman and a Coraline fan about the prospect of a Coraline 2 is from the website Techstry. 

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Nobody Saves the World | Accolades Trailer

Nobody Saves the World | Accolades Trailer

It may be unique in actually inventing a release date for the nonexistent Coraline sequel. As a result, you might call it disinformation rather than simply misinformation – i.e., deliberately and knowingly deceptive, rather than simply incorrect or misleading.

But there are several others in the screenshot above that veer into misinformation territory. One claims to have an update on Coraline 2’s “cancellation and renewal status”; another writes that there is “no specific launch date” but that it is a “50-50 possibility that Coraline 2 will happen”.

The truth is that it isn’t happening, and that any theories to the contrary are unfounded.

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