Inktober 2022 prompts from 'gargoyle' to 'farm' to start October off right

Amber Peake September 28, 2022
Inktober 2022 prompts from 'gargoyle' to 'farm' to start October off right


Art challenge Inktober which spans across the spooky month of October, is days away, but what is on the 2022 prompt list? 

If you’re a fan of all things art, you will probably know October more for its art challenge of Inktober, which sees creatives test their imagination across the month’s 31 days.

As the start of October is soon approaching, some are curious to know what the 2022 Inktober prompts are so they can prepare for the sketching challenge. Let’s take a look…

Ghosts | Series 4 Trailer | BBC

Ghosts | Series 4 Trailer | BBC

The month-long art challenge is days away

With October 1st this Saturday, this year’s 2022 Inktober art challenge is just around the corner. 

For those who are not familiar with Inktober, it is a month-long drawing project set to test your creativity by offering different daily prompts for you to follow throughout October.

The project is aimed to help artists with their drawing and sketching skills and inspire them to form a positive habit as they pick up a pen each day of the month.

While the challenge is named ink-tober, artists are not bound to only using ink across the month for their designs. As explained on the frequently asked question page on the project’s website, those participating can also work digitally and with other mediums, including markers and watercolours. Essentially, use whatever you are comfortable with. 

The site also mentions how others over the years have previously used the month of prompts for calligraphy or lettering and even sparked inspiration of writers in terms of poems or short stories. 

What are the 2022 Inktober prompts?

The Inktober prompts are released annually a month before the challenge starts on September 1st

This year was no exception as the Inktober dropped its full list of 31 prompts for artists and creatives to use at the start of the month.

The list of prompts includes more specific prompts, including objects or beings to feelings and settings. You can check out the full list on the Inktober Twitter and Instagram that has everything from gargoyle to farm listed.

Artists from across the world participate with the challenge as they share their creations for the different daily prompts online through the hashtag #inktober. 

Those participating this year can also share their creations under the #inktober2022 hashtag, so your work can be featured alongside others taking part in the challenge.

You can make the challenge your own

While the list lays out prompts for each day of October until Halloween, you don’t have to do them in a specific order. If there is one prompt that has you stumped, you can always swap in for another idea.

Those wanting to test their creativity across October do not have to follow the official Inktober list if they don’t want to. 

You can make your own list that may work better with your art style. For example, you could have a month of drawing different flowers or perhaps sketch your favourite celebs or TV/film characters each day instead.

Other artists have also shared their 2022 lists that feature their own prompts to use across the month of October. Here are some other lists of prompts to spark your creativity: 

A spooky version to go along with the Halloween festivities: 

This one features a break every five days if 31 days straight sounds daunting: 

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