Who is India Walton? Age and career of Buffalo mayor candidate explored

Amber Peake June 23, 2021
Who is India Walton? Age and career of Buffalo mayor candidate explored


India Walton is seen to be in lead against the current mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown amid yesterday’s mayoral primary election. As the results were announced last night, 22 June, some are now curious to know more about India Walton’s age and her career so far.

Who is India Walton?

India Walton is a former nurse and executive director of the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust. Walton’s role as part of the trust saw her help develop affordable housing for Buffalo residents.

Having been born and raised in Buffalo, Walton announced she would be running for mayor in December 2020 and has since opened up on why she chose to run.

Talking to Jacobin magazine, she explained: “I’m a lifelong Buffalo resident: born here, raised here, educated here. I’m raising my children here. Our community is dying. Our planet is being polluted.

“I want my children to enjoy all the things I love about Buffalo. And if we don’t act now, I don’t know what the future holds for generations to come.”

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How old is she? India Walton speaks out on her age

The political newcomer is 38-years-old. During her run for mayor, Walton has faced concerns by some voters claim she is too young.

The Buffalo mayor candidate has since addressed her age while talking to The Challenger News. She explained: “I’m not that young, and my life experiences have made me very well equipped to lead the City of Buffalo.

“Being a lifelong resident of Buffalo and staying deeply rooted in my community means that I am able to hear the concerns of everyday people, I’m not so far removed from the issues that I am unaware of what they are.”

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Walton reacts to mayoral primary results

As mayoral primary election results came in last night 22 June, Walton was seen to lead against the current mayor of Buffalo, Byron Brown.

Her position means Walton will continue in the mayoral race in the general election which will be held later this year on 2 November 2021.

Reacting to her lead last night, Walton said: “If you are in an elected office right now, you are being put on notice, we are coming.”

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