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What is HR 2884 Covfefe? Trump's first Truth Social post stirs the pot

Daniel Munro April 29, 2022
Former President Trump Holds Rally In Ohio Ahead Of State's Primary
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images


Donald Trump made his long-anticipated debut on his new social media platform ‘Truth Social’. ‘I’M BACK! #COVFEFE’, read his first post. But what is ‘Covfefe’ all about, and what is the meaning of HR 2884?

Why Covfefe?

If you want to know just how ‘online’ someone really is, ask them what Covfefe means. Those who keep their eyes on Twitter at all times will remember the year 2017, when the former president was a very active tweeter.

One of his most famous Twitter incidents was ‘Covfefe gate’. On May 31 2017, Trump tweeted simply: ‘Despite the constant negative press covfefe’ with no further context or explanation.

Trump was able to see the funny side of Covfefe gate though, tweeting later that day: ‘Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!’

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Once again, Trump joked about the incident when he marked his debut on his new site.

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What is HR 2884 Covfefe of 2017 and is it a real bill?

Despite everyone, including Trump, finding the covfefe incident funny, the post led to a proposed serious change in U.S. legislation.

In June 2017, Illinois congressman Mike Quigley proposed the official Covfefe House Bill, H.R. 2884. Covfefe, in this instance, was an acronym for ‘Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement’.

The proposed HR 2884 Covfefe act proposed that anything posted to any social media channel by a president would be archived, even if they were deleted like the Covfefe tweet.

In a statement on his website, Quigley claimed: ‘Tweets are powerful, and the President must be held accountable for every post.’

Unfortunately for Quigley, however, the bill failed to make it through the house, and did not become legislation. Although three months prior to the suggested bill, the White House did supposedly agree to archive all of Donald Trump’s Tweets.

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Ex-president’s return to social media captures the internet’s imagination

Of course, when Trump recalled his Covfefe moment this week, the internet was immediately transported back to the days of Trump Twitter and HR 2884. And, just like the first time around, the internet had a lot to say.

Some were delighted to see him return:

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, others weren’t…

I wonder if we’ll ever find out the true meaning of Covfefe…

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