Popular YouTubers have been supporting the Black Lives Matter movement and have encouraged their followers to do the same – this is how.

After George Floyd’s death at the hand of Minneapolis police, thousands protested and donated to show their support. Recently, some YouTubers have been using their status to do the same.


Many have pledged to use the ad revenue from their videos to donate money to the Black Lives Matter movement.

For example, Stephen Lawson, better known online as Stephen Tries, is an English YouTuber and comedian, best known for his highly watched video ‘How To Be Stormzy.’ That video was published four years ago. This week, he recreated it in ‘How To Be Stormzy Again’ to use its ad revenue to raise money for Black Lives Matter charities.

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for NYX Professional Makeup

In a comment, Stephen said: “Over the years, I’ve been inspired and influenced by many black artists & individuals. 100% of the money from this video will be going to Black Lives Matters charities. There’s also a link in the description for more ways to help.”

British beauty, fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Sophie at sophdoeslife also pledged to donate her ad revenue. She did this in her recent video ‘I FOLLOWED A *PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST’S* TUTORIAL.’ In it, she told her viewers they could play the video in the background after watching to play more ads, therefore raising more money. However, because of this statement YouTube removed the video from the site. On Twitter, Soph said: “My appeal was rejected. YouTube have apologised, but me saying in the video that you can ‘watch the video in the background’ violates their policy, as it is technically generating false views/ads revenue. I’m going to re-upload, but please be careful if you’re a creator.

“Lesson learned. I understand. I didn’t realise that was a rule, so it was my fault. But [I’m] feeling pretty bummed as [I] was just trying to do a good thing. I’m going to re-upload and will be donating $2200 anyway regardless, even if the re-upload doesn’t make it up to that.

YouTubers protesting

Slovak YouTube personality David Dobrik attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Santa Monica. In addition, he also donated $50,000. In a tweet, he encouraged his followers who can’t donate or protest to tweet, talk to a friend or simply listen.

Beauty guru Alissa Ashley also attended protests and encouraged her followers to donate, sign petitions, or educate themselves.

Supporting others

Plenty of YouTubers have used their social media to support black-owned businessses.

American makeup artist James Charles used his Instagram stories to share black MUAs that his 18.6m fans should follow.

Similarly, American entrepreneur Jaclyn Hill used her Instagram to share a list of black-owned businesses in Tampa, Florida, for her followers to support.

It seems many in the YouTube community have come together in solidarity to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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