How long is a Scaramucci? Liz Truss lasted 4.1 of them as UK PM

Alexandra Ciufudean October 20, 2022
How long is a Scaramucci? Liz Truss lasted 4.1 of them as UK PM
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British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned today after lasting just 45 days in office, or 4.1 Scaramuccis – failing to outlast a head of iceberg lettuce per this Daily Star livestream.

Truss became PM on September 8 and during her brief tenure oversaw Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, a severe downturn in the British economy and a particularly problematic string of policies that lost her the party’s support.

In response to news of the resignation, Anthony Scaramucci tweeted his congratulations to Truss for lasting “4.1 Scaramuccis.”

The former White House Communications Director is famous for his extremely brief time in the role, which saw his surname become a humorous time unit – so how long is a Scaramucci and how does it compare to the expiration dates of common kitchen staples?

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Liz Truss congratulated for lasting ‘4.1 Scaramuccis’ as UK PM

On Thursday, Truss stepped down as British prime minister after pressures from her party. “I think it seems as though her position is untenable now,” Conservative MP Miriam Cates told the BBC just hours before Truss’ resignation.

As the news broke, former Trump White House official Scaramucci took to Twitter to quip the PM had lasted a whole “4.1 Scaramuccis” in office.

No stranger to a short tenure, the Mooch (as he was lovably nicknamed by the press) famously only lasted 11 days in the White House before being sacked by newly sworn-in Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

During that time, the New York financier had time to launch a strongly-worded tirade against ex-Trump Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, miss the birth of his own son, and be wrongly declared dead in the latest directory of Harvard Law School alumni (he was class of 1989). A spokesperson told the BBC the error would be corrected in subsequent editions.

During her 4.1 Scaramuccis, Truss had time to upturn the British status quo even more. Her economic plan, which announced tax cuts (predominantly for high earners), market deregulation and extensive borrowing, sent the British pound plummeting to a record low. This lost her support both from within and outside her party and alarmed the public, who were already staring down the barrel of a very difficult winter.

After failed attempts to right the situation by reversing her budget and firing chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng – a close ally and the architect behind her plan – Truss resigned on Thursday.

How long is a Scaramucci?

How long is a Scaramucci you say? Glad you asked.

Along with congratulating Truss, the short-lived White House communications director helpfully tweeted out an explanation of the Scaramucci time unit.

1 Scaramucci, or a “Mooch” for short, is a “nonscientific term for a unit of time equal to 11 days, the length of Scaramucci’s White House employment,” The Atlantic wrote shortly after the Trump staffer’s sacking (via The Week).

The man himself uses it, as he told The Atlantic, but it was also used by White House aides after his departure.

Tasty kitchen staples that last longer than a Scaramucci

But how long is a Scaramucci compared to tasty kitchen staples like a carton of milk, a head of lettuce or an unopened pack of sliced ham? What about a Truss (we’re coining it)?

As we’ve seen from the Daily Star’s livestream which pitted the former UK PM against a head of wet lettuce, one Truss is 45 days, or a bit less than the time it takes for lettuce to spoil.

As for one Scaramucci, that’s about as long as an opened carton of orange juice (or milk), an unopened container of egg substitute, or a fresh lemon, according to this helpful graph from the Ventura County Food Bank.

Yogurts and fresh cream will last about the same (10 days) in the fridge, while many hard and cured cheeses can be kept for up to six months if unopened. A pack of sandwich cheese slices, on the other hand, has a shelf life of exactly one Truss.

However, there are foods that absolutely take the cake (pun intended). Dark chocolate, canned tuna, dry ramen noodles and unpopped popcorn have shelf lives ranging from four years to potentially forever.

Not cake, though. Cake stored in the fridge lasts at most 1 Scaramucci.

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