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Fans think the Green M&M is trans and here's why

Molly Young January 21, 2022

Multi-coloured chocolate treat M&M’s recently announced a rebranding to make its characters more inclusive – but is the green character now trans? The iconic chocolate figures were launched in 1954 and have become a core part of the brand, having adapted to many looks over the years.

The green M&M, referred to as Ms Green, has been particularly popular as many fans speculate their changing appearance could suggest the candy icon identifies as transgender. While there has been no official confirmation surrounding Ms Green’s identity, we explore the design history of the character.

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Unsplash: Amit Lahav

M&M redesign switches up the characters’ style

As an American candy classic brand since 1941, M&M’s chocolates are widely known for their six multicoloured characters: Green, Brown, Blue, Red, Orange and Yellow, which were introduced in 1954.

On 20 January 2022, M&M announced a rebranding of its characters to make them more inclusive, encouraging customers to use the power of fun to create a world where everyone belongs.

While Green previously rocked sassy high-heeled boots and a provocative pose, the icon now sports flat trainers and a more casual attitude.

And while some fans have been expressing their fury at the character’s change of footwear, Green’s fashion sense isn’t the only thing to come under the spotlight…

Fans think Ms Green could be trans

Ahead of the recent rebrand, consumers have speculated the Green M&M could identify as trans. This means their personal identity and gender doesn’t correspond with their birth sex.

Wrath of Man | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime

Wrath of Man | Official Trailer | Amazon Prime

Looking at the design history of the animated icon, some suggest Green previously identified as male and later came across in a more feminine manner.

However, this has yet to be confirmed by the candy brand.

Speculation surrounding Green and Brown’s relationship

Speculation hasn’t stopped at the Green chocolate character! Some consumers suggest the Brown icon may be a trans woman.

In 2015, M&M’s took to Twitter to share an insight into Ms Brown and Ms Green’s connection. The animated image shows the icons holding hands while the caption suggests they rarely get to spend time alone together

Media Chomp speculates the pair could be two happy transgender women in a lesbian relationship.

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  • Although M&M’s has yet to officially confirm the relationship status between Green and Brown, it seems the characters have always been close. Thumbing through the design history of the brand, the chocolate characters are often seen together.

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