Georgia Guidestones, dubbed “America’s Stonehenge,” was demolished after an explosive device was detonated at the site.

This Wednesday, 6 July 2022, authorities reported that someone had detonated an explosive device at the Georgia Guidestones. This came after a gubernatorial candidate claimed the site was ‘satanic’, as reported by NBC.

In light of the explosion, interest in the Georgia Guidestones has peaked. Those who had not heard of the mystical site before are now learning of its unique history, including more about its commissioner R C. Christian.

The Focus takes a deep dive into the identity of the founder and why the Georgia Guidestones came to be.

YouTuber Tom Scott visits the Georgia Guidestones
Screenshot: An American Stonehenge: The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones – Tom Scott YouTube

The identity of R C. Christian remains a secret decades later

Richard C. Christian, which is a pseudonym, commissioned the Georgia Guidestones back in 1977. The identity of R C. Christian has remained a secret in the five decades since the Guidestones’ construction.

Back in 2010, CNN reported that Wyatt Martin, the banker who acted as Christian’s agent during the construction, was a secret he “vows to take to his grave.”

“He told me, ‘If you were to tell who put the money up for this, it wouldn’t be a mystery anymore, and no one would come and read it.’ That had to be part of the attraction, to get people to come and read his 10 rules that he came up with,” Martin said.

Christian reportedly had claimed his organisation, which remains unknown as well, was trying to get them built for over two decades. His budget for building the Guidestones was endless, so R C. Christian is thought to have a substantial net worth.

R C. Christian built the Georgia Guidestones amid Cold War tensions

Located in Elberton, Georgia, R C. Christian gifted the Georgia Guidestones to the town with the landmark.

They were commissioned in 1977 and constructed by 1980. Nearly 20-foot-high series of granite slabs were erected with ten “commandments” written on the stones in a series of different languages including ancient Babylon, Latin, and Egyptian hieroglyphics. It serves as a message about the conservation of humanity.

They were constructed during a peak of Cold War tensions, where fears of a nuclear war were everywhere. In Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, the writer alleged that the Georgia Guidestones were created to serve a message to last beyond humanity if a possible Third World War broke out. This is why the different ancient languages were used on the tombs.

Part of the intention to keep R C. Christian’s identity a secret was to heighten its mystery. Many people venture to the site to take in its mystery, including famous YouTubers such as Tom Scott who is known for visiting unique sites. Scott visited the Guidestones back in 2018 taking them in in their full glory, pre-demolition. Scott explains in the video that he doesn’t wish to shed light on the conspiracy theories surrounding the Guidestones, but highlights the curious history of the stones.

The Georgia Guidestones explode after a series of conspiracy theories

On Wednesday, 6 July 2022, the Georgia Guidestones, were demolished for safety reasons as reported by the Independent.

Earlier that morning, around 4 am, there was an explosion reported by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). They announced that one part of the structure was completely destroyed and another chunk had been significantly damaged. This led to the whole structure being demolished for safety reasons.

The Independent also reported that some conspiracists believed that lightning was the cause of the 4 am explosion. As of yet, there has been no exact cause revealed.

America experiences a wave of conspiracy theories resurfacing this July

This month has seen headlines dominated by conspiracy theories, largely in the wake of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider being back in action, now with the ‘explosion’ at the Georgia Guidestones.

These sites are no strangers to conspiracy theories; since their inception they have been targeted by speculations over their purpose, function, and origins.

While the exact cause of the ‘explosion’ at the Guidestones is yet to be revealed, it undoubtedly plays into the wave of conspiracies we are seeing revived this summer.

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