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What's the meaning of 'Foxtrot Juliet Bravo'? Military code goes viral

Yasmine Leung December 22, 2021
President Biden Delivers Remarks On Fight Against Covid-19
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Foxtrot Juliet Bravo’ is currently Twitter viral, but what’s the meaning of this confusing combination of words?

Every day it seems new slang or an abbreviation emerges on social media, and ‘Foxtrot Juliet Bravo’ is the latest.

Read on to find out the meaning and why it’s getting plastered on Twitter.

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Search Party | Season 5 Official Trailer | HBO Max

‘Foxtrot Juliet Bravo’ meaning explained

Foxtrot, Juliet and Bravo are terms from the military phonetic alphabet.

Foxtrot symbolises the letter F, Juliet stands for J, and Bravo represents B – it’s an acrostic so the first letters spell out FJB. In this context, it is being used by critics of the president as it stands for ‘F*** Joe Biden’.

These tweets have been accompanied by the viral slogan ‘Let’s Go Brandon’. This refers to a meme from October, when an NBC reporter misheard a crowd and thought they were chanting “let’s go Brandon” to celebrate Brandon Brown’s NASCAR Xfinity Series victory. In reality, it was something a lot ruder.

Some Twitter users have also applied the phonetic alphabet to ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ – Lima Golf Bravo (LGB).

Guess people are getting creative with their critiques?

Why are there FJB tweets?

There’s not one singular reason for the influx of FJB tweets – in the world of politics, especially during the delicate era of covid, there’s always going to be criticism.

However, use of FJB has ramped up on Twitter following a White House covid press briefing on Friday, 17 December 2021.

In the briefing Jeffrey Zients, White House coronavirus response co-ordinator, said:

“For the unvaccinated, you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm.

“So, our message to every American is clear: There is action you can take to protect yourself and your family. Wear a mask in public indoor settings. Get vaccinated.”

One Twitter user criticised the speech for being “terrifying” and, inevitably, it generated some sarcastic memes.

However, many other Twitter users praised the stance of Joe Biden and Jeffrey Zients. One tweeted: “It’s nice to have a president who talks to his fellow citizens like adults. Obama was too poetic, Trump too course. Biden is simply blunt and I deeply appreciate it.”

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There’s FJB merch already

You can slap anything on a mug or apparel, and the internet has done just that.

T-shirts and baseball caps reading ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ are being sold on eBay, so it’s not surprising ‘Foxtrot Juliet Bravo’ is getting the same treatment.

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