Eve Barlow hits back at "Fartlow" nickname: Music journalist on Twitter trolls

Eve Edwards May 27, 2021
Eve Barlow hits back at "Fartlow" nickname: Music journalist on Twitter trolls
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Trolls are ever-present on social media, as music journalist Eve Barlow has discovered this May 2021. Eve Barlow has faced trolling day in, day out, as she becomes a target online. The trolling is rooted in bestowing Barlow with a new name, “Eve Fartlow.” Now, Barlow has hit back and shared her thoughts on the Twitter trolls.

Eve Barlow discusses the “Eve Fartlow” nickname and online trolling

On 25 May 2021, Eve Barlow published an article with Tablet Magazine discussing the recent “Eve Fartlow” nickname.

Barlow wrote: “I don’t know who crafted the first tweet that simply said “Eve Fartlow,” but whoever it was—bot or human—started a fire. Over the past two weeks, Twitter has been littered with the words “Eve Fartlow.” Every time I tweet, this title is the response I attract, and it is pelted at me irrespective of what I write.”

She continues: “Hundreds of trolls, some with blue ticks and some without, just start responding to me “Eve Fartlow” (some people have recently switched it to “Eve Shartlow” but “Eve Fartlow” seems to be the one that sticks).”

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Eve Barlow jokes in the article that her new nickname “sounds like it was invented by a 3-year-old high on Pop-Tarts.”

The nickname allegedly started after Barlow tweeted about her friend misreading a “free parking” sign as saying ‘Free Palestine’. Barlow even made her Twitter account private after other users jumped on this tweet. Barlow’s tweet, allegedly posted 24 May 2021, has since been deleted.

It is unconfirmed where – or by whom – the nickname originated, as of yet. However, the nickname has been adopted by hundreds, if not thousands, online.

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Who is Eve Barlow?

Eve Barlow is a Scottish music journalist, currently based in Los Angeles, California. On her social media profiles, and in her Tablet Magazine profile, Barlow now goes by Eve Dov Ber. This is her family’s name, which has been changed and altered over hundreds of years, as a result of persecution.

In her most recent Tablet article, Barlow discusses these name changes:

“Eve Barlow isn’t really my name either. Barlow has been my family’s name for three generations, but before that our name was Berelovitch. We changed it when my family fled czarist Russia during the Eastern European pogroms in the late 19th century. And before Barlow was Berelovitch it was Dov Ber.”

Eve Barlow writes for numerous illustrious music publications. Barlow currently contributes to New York Magazine, The Guardian, the LA Times, Pitchfork, and GQ. She is also the former Deputy Editor of NME.

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