‘Deux Moi’ meaning explained as Troix Moi satire account makes gains

Bruno Cooke March 2, 2022
‘Deux Moi’ meaning explained as Troix Moi satire account makes gains

As self-described “curators of pop culture”, the anonymous team behind Deux Moi have been trucking away for almost a decade, and have 1.4 million Instagram followers to show for it. But now there’s a new kid on the block: Troix Moi is Deux Moi’s “absurdist little sister”. What is the meaning of Deux Moi’s name, and how does its newer counterpart compare?

‘Deux Moi’ meaning explained

Deux” and “moi” are French words meaning “two” and “me”.

When the Deux Moi project began in 2013, two people ran it. Both remain anonymous, but the feeling was apparently mutual: there was “an oversaturation of bloggers with horrendous style that were getting so much attention,” Yahoo quotes them as saying.

But the phrase “two me” doesn’t exist in English; a better translation of “deux moi” might be “two of me”, or “two selves”. Both suggest unity among the account’s editors.

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Reverso has several example sentences that include the phrase, which illustrate the meaning of Deux Moi, and why the name makes sense.

Parfois, je voudrais avoir deux moi”, for example, means, “Sometimes I wish there were two of me”. And in the case of Deux Moi, at least in the beginning, there were.

Opting for a phrase in French, rather than simply calling the project “Two Of Us”, also adds a veneer of sophistication.

How does the meaning of ‘Troix Moi’ compare to Deux Moi?

Trois” is French for “three”. But the name Troix Moi doesn’t have a direct translation like Deux Moi does.

Reverso auto-corrects it to “trois mois”, which means “three months”; “mois” is the French word for “month”. 

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But Troix Moi isn’t supposed to make concrete sense – it is deliberately absurdist, and seeks to satirise society’s “seemingly renewed interest in ‘celebrity’”, for which it blames, at least in part, Deux Moi.

So the vague untranslatability of its name suits its purpose, just as the meaning of Deux Moi reflected the reality of its (formerly) two-person team.

While the team behind Deux Moi purport to be the “curators of pop culture”, those behind Troix Moi call themselves “charcuteriers of pop culture” – another riff on the affected Francisation behind Deux Moi’s name.

Deux Moi is apparently changing the restaurant experience in New York City

The Cut published a story a week ago about how Deux Moi is changing “dining out” in New York City.

Like Page Six and Gawker Stalker before it, the anonymous Instagram account is doing so by “sending visitors and locals alike to the restaurants where they can see, or at least eat, like a celebrity”.

“As the page’s popularity has grown,” continues the piece, “so too has the parasocial relationship between follower and followed.”

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Tomorrow Then | BFI Flare 2022 trailer

Tomorrow Then | BFI Flare 2022 trailer

For her part, Troix Moi’s operator is “very surprised” by the popularity of her satirical alternative. 

“I think Deux Moi is just the social media era version of ‘stars they’re just like us!’ or TMZ or Access Hollywood,” she told Nylon Magazine yesterday. 

“Whoever Troix Moi is, she’s the absurdist little sister of Deux Moi, basically.”

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