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Who is Derek Deso's wife? Meet influencer Sophia Turner

Olivia Olphin August 10, 2021
Derek Deso wife


Known as one of the OG pranksters on YouTube, Derek Deso has been making waves on the platform since 2010. However, fans want to know about Derek Deso’s wife Sophia Turner. She just announced on his YouTube channel she is going to be making her own content, including photoshoots and videos. We tell you all you need to know about their relationship.

Meet YouTube star Derek Deso

Derek Deso was born on 27 April 1987 and is 34 years old.

He currently has 2.57 million subscribers to his YouTube channel on which he posts prank videos, including pranks on his unsuspecting wife Sophia Turner.

His most successful videos have more than nine million views, such as the Spying On My Girlfriend video, or Surprising A Kid With An iPhone 11.

Before getting together with Sophia, Derek was dating fellow YouTube content creator Lycette Cornejo.

Who is Derek Deso’s wife Sophia Turner?

Derek Deso’s wife is YouTuber, influencer and businesswoman Sophia Turner.

She contributes to Deso’s YouTube channel, whether through prank videos or family/parenting vlogs.

She also describes herself as a “lash tech, hair stylist and salon owner”. Turner has her own page dedicated to her beauty business.

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The pair started dating in 2019, and got married on 12 September 2020. They have one son, Quincy, who is a child from Sophia’s previous relationship.

While she has starred in her husband’s videos, Sophia Turner is looking to make more content of her own. That includes new photoshoots and her own YouTube channel, which currently has 54,000 subscribers.

What videos do they make on their YouTube channel?

Many fans were worried when they saw the title of Derek Deso’s video in July – We Are Getting A Divorce.

However, as is regular with the couple, this simply turned out to be a prank. It follows in the vein of their other videos, such as when Derek told Sophia he had cheated on her or when Sophia told him she was pregnant with another man’s baby.

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We can’t wait to see what pranks these two pull next!

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