Is Dance Of The 41 based on a true story? Netflix hit's history explored

Jane Corscadden May 13, 2021
Is Dance Of The 41 based on a true story? Netflix hit's history explored

Is Dance Of The 41 based on a true story? The film (also called El Baile De Los 41) came out on Netflix yesterday (May 12), and interest in it is beginning to ramp up. Many people are wondering if the events of 20th century Mexico depicted in the movie are based on real life.

So, let’s take a closer look at what the film was based on.

What is Dance Of The 41 about?

Before we get into whether or not it’s based on real life, let’s have a bit of a run down of what Dance Of The 41 is about.

The film is set in 20th Century Mexico. Ignacio De La Torre (a secretly gay congressman) marries the daughter of the Mexican president, Porfirio Diaz. However, Ignacio leads a double life. Although he rises in the traditional world of politics, he is also a member of a clandestine society.

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Dance Of The 41 stars Alfonso Herrera as Ignacio De La Torre, Emiliano Zurita as Evaristo Rivas, Mabel Cadena as Amada Diaz, and Fernando Becerril as Porfirio Diaz.

So, is Dance Of The 41 a true story?

Now we know (roughly) what the film is about, now to get to the crux of whether it’s based on real events.

Put simply, yes, the Netflix hit is based on real events that happened in Mexico. It’s based on a society scandal that happened in the early 20th century, during the presidency of Porfirio Diaz.

The incident revolved around a police raid carried out on 17 November 1901 of a private home in Mexico City. This was the site of a dance attended by a group of young men, with 19 of them dressed in women’s clothing.

However, the government attempted to hide the incident since the participants were members of higher society. The full list of those involved was never revealed or published.

But we do know 41 men were detained – hence the name Dance Of The 41. However, there were rumours the president’s son-in-law was in attendance.

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Although it was a scandal at the time, the event has been viewed in a far different light by contemporary media thanks to the rise of the LGBT+ movement.

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