‘Dababy sus amogus school’ is just the latest DaBaby Among Us meme

Bruno Cooke May 12, 2021
‘Dababy sus amogus school’ is just the latest DaBaby Among Us meme
Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Interscope


A DaBaby imposter school has appeared on Google Maps, causing confusion and amusement on Reddit and Twitter. But what is the meaning of the DaBaby Among Us meme, and why is “dababy sussy amogus” on Google Maps?

DaBaby sussy amogus school, the Netherlands

Reddit user u/bellaraghi posted a screenshot of “Dababy sussy amogus school” in the r/amogus subreddit one month ago.

It appears to be nearby Katwijk aan Zee on Dutch coast, not far from The Hague and Leiden.

One user commented that Google maps “literally” has it as a “Place of Worship”.

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Photo by Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for Interscope

The so-called school/place of worship is no longer listed. However, another site has since turned up on Google Maps.

Dababy Sussy Amogus School, Serbia

A secondary school in Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, now bears the name

Meanwhile a day-old post in the r/memes subreddit contains a screenshot of a bar called DaBaby Sussy Amogus Bar.

But neither the DaBaby “imposter” school nor DaBaby’s Amogus Bar appears to go by that name in real life.

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Ironic DaBaby memes

Know Your Meme has a whole page dedicated to Ironic DaBaby Memes.

The first so-called ironic DaBaby memes trace their roots back to March and April of 2019, on Twitter.

Subsequent posts piqued DaBaby’s interest, and by June that year he had posted a reaction on Instagram.

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DaBaby Among Us memes

Since April 2021, the number of memes that specifically relate to Among Us has proliferated.

Replying to a post in the subreddit r/AmongUsMemes, one user wrote, “Why is this dude suddenly everywhere”.

The recent spate of “sussy amogus” memes – including the imposter school on Google Maps – are just the latest iteration of these DaBaby Among Us memes. 

And they, in turn, are the latest version of the ironic DaBaby meme.

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