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D Simba meme explained and no, it's not the Lion King

Yasmine Leung December 3, 2021
Photo by Disney Junior via Getty Images

‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, meaning it’s time for the annual D Simba meme to take over our feeds, but what does it actually mean?

Every day of the week basically has a meme dedicated to it: Monday memes are filled with complaints and pleads for coffee, while Friday memes are celebrations for the weekend.

December is obviously the time for Christmas jokes, but aside from those, you may have noticed the D Simba meme popping up every year around this month.

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Minecraft | Now Official Trailer

Sadly, the D Simba meme has nothing to do with the Lion King

Unfortunately, the meme is not related to the King of the Pride Lands at all.

The joke shows a photo of the letter D paired with an image of Simba from the Lion King, with captions such as “It’s that time of the year” or “I hope you’re having a good”.

One TikTok user initially though the photo meant D Lion, Duh Lion or Duh Lion, all of which make no sense.

Long story short, D Simba phonetically sounds like December, explaining why the memes only come out during the final month of the year.

If you didn’t get it, we don’t blame you, but only if you didn’t know that Simba was the name.

The joke has existed since at least 2017, yet social media users still get confused every year.

You’re welcome, you’re now in the loop with meme culture

Here are some users that were confused over the meme, and hopefully they eventually found out the answer.

We have never seen an answer like Dandy Lion though:

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