Has Covino And Rich been cancelled? What happened to the show?

Max Seeley February 26, 2021
Has Covino And Rich been cancelled? What happened to the show?
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Has Covino And Rich been cancelled? Fans of the popular SIRIUS XM radio show are curious about Steve Covino and Rich Davies’s future.

Covino And Rich is a radio show hosted by Steve Covino and Rich Davies, alongside their producer Christian Sorge “Spot”.

Covino And Rich cover a wide variety of topics, dipping into “current events, social observations, pop culture, sports, movies & music, health & fitness, the latest gadgets, and anything else that interests them and their audience.”

The show began its life as a test show on Maxim Radio on 16 December, 2004 before it was officially released as the Covino And Rich show just over a month later.

Covino And Rich has been a staple of SIRIUS XM since 2005, airing at 8am to 11am (Pacific Time), but it looks like their time on the network is over.

Is Covino And Rich cancelled?

On an Instagram Post on 25 February, Rich told the pair’s 25k followers: “We announced today that tomorrow (26 February) will be our last show on SIRIUS XM.”

However, Rich stressed that this doesn’t mean the Covino and Rich show is cancelled, just that its time on SIRIUS XM has come to an end.

Rich also revealed that the pair will still “be working at SIRIUS XM in a capacity.”

Rich promised his viewers that “there are things in the works that are going to be very exciting”, urging his fans to stay updated through their Instagram page regarding the future of the show.

It was a bittersweet moment for fans as they were saddened by the news but also optimistic for the future.

On of the comments read: “Shocked and saddened but I can feel in my bones you are onto something much better.”

While it is currently unclear where the show’s future will take place, fans can take solace in the fact that it looks very likely to continue, just on a different platform.

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