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Meet Clay Travis’s wife Lara, and their three kids and two cats

Bruno Cooke May 28, 2021
Meet Clay Travis’s wife Lara, and their three kids and two cats


Along with Buck Sexton, Clay Travis is due to take over the late Rush Limbaugh’s midday (ET) radio slot. Who is Rush Limbaugh’s replacement, Clay Travis, and who is his wife Lara Travis?

Meet Rush Limbaugh’s replacements, Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

American conservative political commentator, journalist and media personality Clay Travis will take over the slot left following the death of Rush Limbaugh in February this year.

His co-host, Buck Sexton, is already a daily radio host, with his own show.

The “coveted” slot, which runs from 12 noon until 3pm (ET), will “serve up the similar right-wing fare”, according to the Wall Street Journal.

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Source: YouTube [Candace]

Call-ins from listeners will punctuate commentary on the news stories of the day, as well as doses of humour.

Who is Clay Travis?

Travis went to George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and then to Vanderbilt University Law School, back in Nashville.

He initially worked as a lawyer, in the US Virgin Islands and Tennessee, but started to attract media attention in 2004 when he went on, and blogged about, a “pudding strike”.

Apparently unable to secure a satellite TV package to watch NFL games while working in the US Virgin Islands, Travis protested by eating nothing but pudding for 50 days.

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Fox Sports hires Travis in 2014

After he resigned from the position of co-host of sports radio talk show 3HL, Fox Sports hired Travis for its weekend college football pre-game show.

The following year, he licensed his whole sports media brand under Fox Sports.

Later, he started broadcasting nationally with Fox Sports Radio. 

Only yesterday did it emerge that he would take over Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on Premiere Networks.

Who is Clay Travis’ wife?

Clay Travis married his wife Lara in 2004. He was 25 years old at the time.

They celebrated their 16-year anniversary on 16 August last year.

Lara Travis is a former Tennessee Titans cheerleader, who now writes occasionally for Clay’s media platform OutKick.

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Clay and Lara have three sons and two Bengal cats, Egon and Leo.

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Lara Travis and Clay go tit-for-tat on OutKick

In tongue-in-cheek response to an article Clay wrote for his media platform OutKick in 2015, Lara wrote My Husband is the Worst on Long Car Trips.

In the piece, Lara relates some of the challenges of going on long haul drives with young children.

“My first thought when I saw Clay’s column about our drive to Destin”, she writes, “was, am I going to be tyrant in this story?”

She concludes the piece by writing, “I’ll fly with the kids and Clay can drive the car by himself”.

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