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Why does Caleb Finn not use his real name on social media?

Amber Peake October 10, 2021
Why does Caleb Finn not use his real name on social media?


As social media star Caleb Finn opened up to fans in a recent question and answer series on Snapchat, some were left baffled after the TikToker confessed Caleb Finn was not his real name. Following the confusion, we take a look at why creator prefers to go by an alias online.

Who is Caleb Finn?

Caleb Finn is a social media star known to many for his following on TikTok, where he currently has 13 million followers and over 550 million likes.

Before TikTok, Finn was a primary school teacher but later left the profession after he became a viral hit for his videos on the platform.

Away from his TikTok success, he also has a YouTube channel where he posts gaming and chatty style videos as well as an Instagram, which features out there photo edits and behind the scenes of his TikToks.

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Why does Caleb Finn not use his real name on social media?

While he has amassed more than 13 million followers on TikTok, some may be surprised to hear Caleb Finn is not his real name. The TikToker prefers to keep his actual name a secret away from his presence and following online to maintain his privacy.

He previously addressed why he prefers to go by an online alias in a 2019 questions and answers style video on YouTube as he opened up to his subscribers.

In the video, Finn explained: “People are so surprised by this. I don’t want to put out my real name because, like I said before, I have got enough stalkers I don’t want more. People are already finding my personal stuff with not even knowing my last name, so yeah, I use an online name.”

The TikToker recently admitted Caleb Finn was not his first username on the video-sharing platform and went by another name before his account became what it is today.

In a Snapchat Q&A, he said: “I made it when I started taking TikTok seriously. It was originally epicbgamerboy or something when I was just posting memes. So I changed it to Caleb Finn, and it just kinda stuck. I like it.”

(Credit: Caleb Finn/ Snapchat)
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His girlfriend also uses an online alias

Caleb Finn’s girlfriend also goes by an alias and is known online and social media under the username Lil Soup.

In the same Snapchat Q&A he discussed the origin of his own online name, he addressed his girlfriend’s alias after a confused fan wondered if Soup was her real name.

Responding to the fan query, Finn explained: “Soup is an online alias. We both value our privacy, so we both use fake names.”

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