What is Caitlyn Jenner's religion? Governor candidate's faith explored

Amber Peake May 7, 2021
What is Caitlyn Jenner's religion? Governor candidate's faith explored
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What is Caitlyn Jenner’s religion? Caitlyn Jenner announced her campaign for governor of California earlier this week with the release of her campaign ad. Now people are curious to know more about Jenner’s faith and what party she is running in.

What is Caitlyn Jenner’s religion?

Caitlyn Jenner is a Christian and has previously talked about her religion and its impact on her decision to transition in 2015.

In an interview back in 2017, on the subject of religion Caitlyn explained: “To me, my faith played a very big role in what I’m doing. Growing up, I would think to myself, ‘Why did God put all these questions in my head?'”

She continued: “In the end, when I talk about faith, the last person besides my family, my close friends…the last hurdle I had to get over to know I was doing the right thing in transitioning was my faith and with God.”

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What party is Caitlyn Jenner running in?

Caitlyn Jenner has previously been an open member of the Republican party. In 2017, during an interview with the Guardian, Jenner admitted while she supports the Republican party, she does not agree with every issue.

Jenner explained: “Do I agree with the Republicans on every issue? Absolutely not. And I know – I’m not stupid – I know that they’re not as good when it comes to LGBT issues. OK? The Democrats do better there. OK?”

Although amid her run for governor of California, Jenner has shied away from labelling her self as Republican.

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In her first interview since announcing her campaign, she told Sean Hannity she thought of her self as “a thoughtful disrupter.”

She explained: “I kind of played around with that term, and originally I started out as a compassionate disruptor, and then I was thinking the other day, I think I’m more of a thoughtful disruptor.”

Jenner continued: “I have always been on the Republican side as I have conservative economic values. Socially I have been much more progressive all my life. I get it. People need help. But you can’t have social programs without a strong economy.”

The governor candidate has also labelled herself as a “thoughtful disrupter” on her campaign website. Seeing the phrase may have made voters want to know more about what Caitlyin Jenner’s religion is and how it played a part in her decisions.

Caitlyn Jenner releases her campaign ad on social media

As part of Caitlyn Jenner’s campaign for governor, she released a three-minute-long ad detailing how she aims to support the state of California. The ad was first launched on ABC and has since been shared on the reality star’s social media.

Writing alongside the ad on Twitter, Jenner wrote: “I came here with a dream 48 years ago to be the greatest athlete in the world. Now I enter a different kind of race, arguably my most important one yet, because California is worth fighting for!”

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