Who is Buckley Carlson? Tucker’s son makes headlines over Hunter Biden emails

Bruno Cooke May 20, 2022
Who is Buckley Carlson? Tucker’s son makes headlines over Hunter Biden emails
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On Thursday (19 May 2022), The Washington Post reported on emails that it said were sent by Tucker and Susie Carlson to Hunter Biden, about getting “Bucky” – their son, Buckley Carlson – into Georgetown University. Where did he go to university, and what does Tucker’s eldest son do for a living?

Who is Buckley Carlson?

Tucker Carlson’s second child and eldest son, Buckley, shares his name with his uncle, Tucker’s brother, Buckley Peck Carlson.

His siblings are Lillie (two years older, born 1995), Hopie (two years younger, born 1999), and Dorothy (born 2002).

Born in 1997, by the end of the year Buckley Carlson will be 25 years old.

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Late last year, Tucker appeared to reveal that his son Buckley was working in the US Capitol during the events of 6 January 2021. 

“I hated what happened on January 6,’ Carlson said during an episode of the Fourth Watch Podcast with Steve Krakauer. “One of my kids was actually in the building when it happened. I was on the phone in real time.”

The Daily Mail writes that Tucker “appears to have been referring to his son Buckley Carlson”.

What does he do?

Buckley W Carlson is the communications director for Jim Banks. Banks has been the US representative for Indiana’s third congressional district since 2017.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in government and political science from the University of Virginia in 2019 and was part of the Zeta Psi fraternity. 

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Before his employment with Jim Banks began in January 2021, he interned under Donald Trump. He’s also held various other roles under Banks, including staff assistant, press secretary and deputy communications director.

LegiStorm calculates his annualised salary, based on existing disclosures, at just under $134,000 per year.

What did Tucker Carlson say about his son Buckley according to new analysis of emails by the Washington Post?

Yesterday, The Guardian reported on new emails, and new analysis of old emails, published by the Washington Post (note: paywall) about “getting Buckley Carlson into Georgetown”.

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Everything I Know About Love | Trailer | BBC

Everything I Know About Love | Trailer | BBC

At Tucker and Susie Carlson’s behest, Hunter Biden reportedly “agreed to write to the [Georgetown] president” about Buckley’s admission to the university.

“I can’t thank you enough for writing that letter to Georgetown on Bucky’s behalf”, Tucker apparently wrote in an email to Hunter Biden, as reported by the Guardian.

“So nice of you.”

The Guardian adds that Tucker “would not comment on the emails”, because of concerns over their authenticity.

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